SplatNet 3 App: How To Redeem Splatoon 3 Splashtag QR Codes

Splatoon 3 is now finally out and trending over the media with extremely positive reviews and ratings. With its immense release success, players are getting showered with exclusive rewards through QR codes which can be scanned using the SplatNet 3 app.

The third-person shooting mayhem is all over the place but sits back take a break and grab some free rewards for an even more exciting game session.

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What’s the Reward?

The reward is a Splashtag banner. You can set the cool special Splashtag banner which is the reward you’ll receive from the Lobby Terminal. As compared to the default option, this one is a more elegant, colourful banner. Make sure you replace it before you start your next match.

Simple Steps to Redeem Splatoon 3 Splashtag QR Codes in the SplatNet 3 App:

  1. Head to your smartphone and open the Nintendo Switch Online App.
  2. Now click on the Nintendo Switch Online Application.
  3. Download the app and connect your Nintendo Online profile.
  4. Once you have downloaded the Nintendo Switch Online app, you will want to scroll through the list of games until you find Splatoon 3.
  5. Here you need to select Splatoon 3 in Game-Specific Services which will take you to SplatNet 3.
  6. Now you should be on the Homepage, where you will see an icon called QR Code Reader. This is where you can turn your camera ON to scan QR Codes.
  7. Give your phone’s camera access to the app & scan the QR Code below.
  8. Once you are through with the above steps, open Splatoon 3 on your Nintendo Switch & head to its Lobby
  9. Press X to open the map and select the Lobby.
  10. Once you’ve made headway to the lobby, walk over to the Lobby Terminal to claim your new free gear.
  11. That was it once you enter the Lobby Terminal, simply click A on the Get Stuff icon to receive your banner.

After having received the banner, head straight to the Splashtag menu where you can update your banner with your choice of coat of paint.

There is only one Splatoon 3 QR code made available as of now, which has already been shared on the official Twitter account of the series. The giveaway is a special banner that can be attained using the SplatNet 3 app for free.

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