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Splitgate Best Pro Settings (FPS, Bindings & Performance) 2022

Hello gamers, as you all know Splitgate is a cool interesting game combination of Halo and the Portal, which is really giving awesome experience to the gamers.

So to cover all the settings for Splitgate, here we are providing you guys, all the best settings for splitgate which you will be required for splitgate players.

Splitgate is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game that is available for free to download on the steam, It runs on various platforms such as – PC, Xbox, Playstation. It runs very smoothly without any lag. This game doesn’t need very high graphic to run, everyone can enjoy playing splitgate without any problem.

Here we have some best settings which are recommended by the Pro players on the various forums as well as Youtube, which we are showing here.

In this Post we will cover about what settings you should know that comes with keybinds, visual settings, some minor FPS and Performance Tips as well as controller settings which will be covered in this enitire post.

Splitgate PC Settings

Video Settings

First let move into the video settings, which is really important for the first time, if you are playing splitgate for the first time. If you’re a competitive player who wants to perform at the highest level, you’ll want to get the most FPS out of your game.

Display Mode : Fullscreen
Resolution : 1920*1080
Resolution scale :
Frame limits:
VSync :
Quality Options : Medium (all)

Copy paste these settings into your game, which works best if you have a descent computer, but if you have low end PC.

To run Splitgate on Low End PC , make sure Turn off VSync permanently, Lower down your Resolution and Change Quality options from Epic to Medium for better FPS in game.


Horizontal Sensitivity : 0.9
Vertical Sensitivity :
Zoom Sensitivity Multiplier :

All these settings mostly depends upon your mouse and keyboard, but you can actually put some best numbers to fill out.


Keybinds are also most important settings which comes under the Pro settings which gamers use, Also this is completely dependent opon your gameplay, which keys matches your best.

Shoot Left Portal – Mouse Wheel Up
Shoot Right Portal – Mouse Wheel Down
Close Left Portal – Thumb Mouse Button
Close Right Portal – Thumb Mouse Button 2

But you can change these settings which will make your gameplay unique from the others. Change Postal Keybindings which are highly recommended by the Pro Players.

Controller Settings

For the best controller settings you need to change the controls according to your choice which matches your best, or you can also make your own settings which feels best for you.

Settings 1 –

Invert Lookx
Horizontal Sensitivity 6.5
Vertical Sensitivity 6.0
Acceleration Sensitivity3.0
Zoom Sensitivity Multiplier0.6
Inner Deadzone0.12
Outer Deadzone0.12

Settings 2 –

Invert Lookx
Horizontal Sensitivity 7.5
Vertical Sensitivity 7.5
Acceleration Sensitivity0.0
Zoom Sensitivity Multiplier0.5
Inner Deadzone0.07
Outer Deadzone0.07

We found some best pro players senstivity settings which they play splitgate and arranged into three Best options to apply above, check which one from the two works best for you and copy that.

Audio Settings

Audio Settings is all about your personal preferences, but reducing some extra sounds can really help in getting your gameplay clear without any background noise, with clear extra footsteps which is really important.

Turn off Ambient noise volume completely to zero, also the music if you want. That was all about the audio settings, mostly depends upon you.


In Splitgate you get a lot of free default crosshairs which are all different for each and every single weapon which makes the game more easier to aim by default.

Also if you go to crosshair settings under UI, turn off the Show sprint crosshair which will be turned on by default.

Splitgate Console Controller Settings

Get your best from here, and apply to splitgate to improve your gameplay. Make sure to bookmark this post if you want to check the settings in future. Thanks for reading.

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