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Splitgate DLC Codes Free 2022 | Everything you need to know

Splitgate is really a beautiful and competitive game to play. The game has so many cool skins that they will blow your mind. Splitgate was released back in 2019. The game didn’t have so many players back then, so the devs gave out free splitgate DLC codes to everyone for free skins.

As time passed, the game became so popular that the devs had to push the server capacity and make their anti-cheat strong because of so many cheaters in splitgate. So the dev team stopped giving out free DLC codes and started their main focus on game development.

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How do you get free DLC codes in Splitgate?

So, the question arises where to get free DLC codes in splitgate in 2021? The devs have not given us any answers regarding the splitgate DLC codes situation.

The devs used to organize some events and tie-ups with brands like intel to provide people with free DLC codes for splitgate so that everyone can enjoy skins and stay connected to the game till the very end.

This was tweeted back in 2019

People are constantly asking for free DLC codes from the splitgate devs, and this question has been raised multiple times, so to take off the load from the splitgate devs, I decide to make an article that will help you get free skins without the codes.

Are there any Splitgate DLC codes?

For the time being, We only have two DLC codes for free skins. In the future, there will be more DLC codes but for now, we have used these two.

One code is for PC and the other code is for Xbox users only. We will add more codes in the future you can simply bookmark this page or subscribe to our news letter.

First DLC: Splitgate Intel Gaming Skins PC Free

free intel skin bundle giveaway

This giveaway is powered by Intel and Splitgate they are giving away 2 free skins with one DLC code. This code is very easy to claim. Al you have to do is follow the steps given below

  • Step one visit the intel gaming access giveaway website.
  • Now Simply login with your steam account.
  • You will see a code, copy it.
  • Launch Splitgate and got to redeem DLC code.
  • Enter the code you copied earlier and press enter.
  • Go back to your locker and you will see your two free skins.

Second DLC: Xbox Game Pass Bundle

Xbox Game Pass bundle is exclusive for Xbox-only users, If you want to know how to redeem it you can visit the link mentioned to get full instructions.

Splitgate Referral Codes 2021

splitgate referral code 2021
Splitgate Referral Codes 2021

Splitgate Referral Codes are really a good option to get free skins. If you are worried about how would you get those sweet referrals? Don’t worry. We have a simple method read for your that will help you get free splitgate skins.

All Splitgate Referrals will give you 50 Coins each. Using these referrals, you can increase your battle pass level really fast or buy some awesome skins in splitgate using those credits.

Here are few Splitgate Referral codes for you to use

  • JP73T2
  • YIKQG6
  • V47QSG

How to get free Skins in Splitgate?

I know DLC codes give you free skins, but the devs are not giving away any free DLC codes for now. But we have an easy method ready for you that can help you get free skins in splitgate.

This article will help you get free skins in splitgate. All you have to do is follow all the steps and work for those sweet skins.

You can also check out Splitgate Tips and Tricks this will help you increase your game skills and get more XP for those skins.

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