How to change your Splitgate FOV to Max 120

splitgate fov change guide

Splitgate is a free-to-play multiplayer game, That is getting famous day by day, if you are a splitgate player and you are struggling in-game or you are getting headaches while playing the game because of Low FOV.

Don’t worry we have created a guide for you that will help you increase your splitgate FOV from 103 to 120. Before we proceed I want to tell you that splitgate has not officially added 120 FOV, So we will be changing some in-game files.

Why is Max FOV in Splitgate is important?

FOV stands for field of view, In simple words, FOV will help you see more players and areas on your screen which will help you get more kills in splitgate and spot enemies quickly in Splitgate.

Some benefits of High FOV in Splitgate

  1. Reduce Headaches
  2. Improve your gaming performance.
  3. You can see more Players and area on your screen.
  4. Help you get more kills and wins.

Higher FOV is really important in Splitgate, So before you continue with the article please follow all the instructions given below carefully.

Increase Splitgate FOV from 103 to 120 Max FOV

Disclaimer: This article is created for educational purposes only, We are strictly against modifying game files. This method is added for people who are suffering from headaches while playing splitgate, as higher FOV can help you reduce headaches.

You can only change your FOV to 103 from in-game settings in Splitgate because developers have not yet added 120 FOV in the game settings but we can forcibly enable these settings by changing the .sav files.

Note: You have to readjust your sensitivity because sens in the game is calculated by FOV, Also If you change any graphics settings in-game, The FOV will go back to normal 103.

Special Thanks to DeaFPS on Steam for making this guide possible for everyone.

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