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Splitgate Tips and Tricks (Complete Guide) 2021

Splitgate is a free-to-play PvP shooter game developed and published by 1047 Games. It was released on May 19, 2019, for Linux and Microsoft Windows on Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

This game features the combat system of the game “Halo” and teleporting abilities of the game “Portal.” Here, players enter a science fiction combat and create two portals to travel from one location.

Splitgate received an aggregate score of 68/100 on Metacritic. Samuel Horti of IGN rated the game 7.1/10, saying that while the game is an “average arena FPS,” the “clever twist” of being able to place portals turns it into a “smart, tactical team-based shooter.”

Halo Meets Portal

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A Guide To Splitgate : Tips and Tricks

Here are our best tips that will help you dominate the lobbies like a pro

Tip 1 : Crossplay Enable/Disable

splitgate guides tutorials tips tricks gun play

Split gate support crossplay that means PC, PlayStation, Xbox players can play together. Turn Off Crossplay if you don’t want to play against pc players, but of course, your matchmaking time will be higher.

Tip 2 : Practice in Training Mode

Use training mode more often to learn basic gunplay and portal placement. With this, you can easily master your gameplay and dominate every lobby with your high IQ portal placements and gunplay never seen before.

In training mode, you can try out different guns, different wall portal techniques, master the movement in the air, and more.

Tip 3 : Check Daily Bonus Rewards

splitgate guides tutorials tips tricks gun play daily rewards

Every day when you log in, you receive a reward. These rewards are of various types. For example, you have Dialy Check-in, Dialy Play Streak, Drops, and Refer a Friend. You can check these in the reward section above the play button.

In the refer a friend section, you can easily send a referral code to a friend and get points to get free skins.

Tip 4 : Learn Enemy Location

splitgate guides tutorials tips tricks gun play enemy

You see an enemy in red color and the same on the map. It gets difficult to check the map from where the enemy is shooting. Whenever you are getting a shot arrow above the dot/crosshair means the enemy is shooting from somewhere above you and vice versa.

Its highlighting feature does a great job of revealing enemy locations. Once the enemy is revealed, you can easily kill them through portals or one on one combat.

Tip 5 : Learn Guns and its Locations

splitgate guides tutorials tips tricks gun play

Private matches against bots can be used to reveal weapons locations. Guns like the sniper and the rocket launchers are real deal weapons. You need to learn where they spawn. You can play the gun game to try different guns.

Different maps have different spawn locations of guns, so you can always explore the area to find guns, and if the spawn gun is the same as what you own, you collect its ammo.

Tip 6 : Get a good Crosshair

splitgate guides tutorials tips tricks gun play crosshair

Change crosshair for guns to a one you like. You can change the crosshair in the settings of the UI section. Drag down to find all crosshairs. Learn the map so that you get the best help from the surrounding in a gunfight.

A smaller crosshair makes it easy to hit on the head and deal much more damage than the body and leg hits.

Tip 7 : Enhance Portal

splitgate guides tutorials tips tricks gun play portal

You can only place strong portals on certain walls. These walls are highlighted in blue color as shown above. Use one portal like the left portal for your entry and the right portal as you exit.

Use Q and E to place portals. If you place the portal with one key, then use the other key for the portal. The same key does not create two portals.

Tip 8 : Learn to Use Portal to Find Guns

splitgate guides tutorials tips tricks gun play spawn

Get on high ground spots by creating portals. These portals help in getting to new locations and get new weapons.

Weapons like snipers, railguns usually spawn on some top locations of the map. Check for the walls on top and place a portal to get to that location.

Tip 9 : Learn Portal Shooting

splitgate guides tutorials tips tricks gun play shooting through portal

You can shoot through your portals as you can clearly see through them. You can’t see through enemy or friendly portals. Your crosshair gets highlighted when you aim through the portal.

You travel through enemy portals. As you can see through your portal, they can also see through theirs beware of enemy portals.

Tip 10 : How to Destroy Portals :

splitgate guides tutorials tips tricks gun play destroy enemy portal

You use grenades/emps to destroy portals with the key “G.” This emp doesn’t work on the enemy. Enemy portals are highlighted in red color.

You must stay away from the enemy portals and destroy them as soon as you see one. As they can shoot you through it and also sneak behind you.

Tip 11 : Defeating Campers with Portals

splitgate guides tutorials tips tricks gun play campers

Defeat campers by making a portal behind them. Use portals as bluffs and get around the enemy from another direction. People usually camp with snipers wait for you to peek.

With this, you can easily counter these campers and dominate them by outplaying them.

Tip 13: Training Race Mode

splitgate guides tutorials tips tricks gun play race mode

The race is a training game mode where players run across the map as fast as possible and collect disco balls that appear in a set order. This training mode is developed to have faster movement, better crosshair, and portal placement.

You get a score based on the time you take to collect all the disco balls. Lower time means better performance. There are no guns to spawn, and you also don’t spawn with a weapon.

Tip 14: Portal Placement

splitgate guides tutorials tips tricks gun play portal placement

Portal Placements refer to how fast and how accurately you use portals to reach a particular destination. Portal Placement can be learned in the Race mode referred to above. With better portal placement, you can travel across the map easily.

Try to use the triple portal as it helps faster rotation, and your movement range increases through triple portals. Spend your time in race mode and develop different strategies to learn portal placement and reach the target.

Tip 15: Quick Scope Vs No-Scope(Sniper)

splitgate guides tutorials tips tricks gun play sniper no scope ads

No-scope is a fancy way to kill your opponent. This also proves how better your aim is. In splitgate, this is not always accurate as your bullet size doesn’t increase when shooting without ADS. So there will be a chance that the bullets will not hit the opponent.

In Quick Scope, you ADS, shoot, and then return to hip fire. In splitgate, when you ADS, your bullet seems to increase the size that means it’s easier to hit the target when you scope in and shoot as compared to no scope.

Tip 12 : Best Settings to use

Screen ModeFullScreen
Resolution1920*1080 (or the max resolution your monitor supports)
Resolution Scale 100
Frame LimitMax (depends upon your pc)
View DistanceEpic
Other Graphic High-Epic( keep Low if you experience stutter or lag)

These settings may also vary from PC to PC and depending upon how powerful your pc is.

I hope these tips and settings help you towards gameplay to improve in Splitgate in no time and dominate other players like a pro. We will keep updating new tips and tricks.

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