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How to get Splitgate Season Battle Pass for free 2021

Splitgate Season 0 has finally been announced after a long time. The game was in Beta for quite some time but finally, our wait is over. Splitgate has decided to launch the Season 0 Battle pass with tons of free splitgate skins and also premium skins.

Season 0 of splitgate contains a lot of improvement in splitgate as well as some amazing new features like the new map, skins, bug fixes, and performance enhancement.

Splitgate Season 0 Battle Pass Rewards

A lot of cool stuff is coming to splitgate this season the devs have confirmed that there are several improvements in the anti-cheat of Splitgate. There are new and awesome skins available in the premium battle pass

splitgate season 0 battlepass skins

Some of the free items you can get in battlepass?

  • Epic Pistol Skin
  • Epic BR Rifle Skin
  • Reward Drops
  • Free XP
  • Splitgate free coins
  • Melle Skins
  • Railgun Skin
  • Rocket Launcher Skin
  • Shotgun Skin
  • and more other

How much does Splitgate Premium Battle Pass Cost?

splitgate season 0 battle pass for free

Splitgate battle pass is really cheap than any other game battle passes out there. You can get it for just 10$ USD. If you are one of the people who like to spend money on cosmetics and battle pass then I will suggest you buy it and support the dev team as these skins are really good.

If you want a battle pass + 20 extra levels then you need to spend 20$ USD, that’s not worth the money, You can easily grind those 20 levels without paying those extra 20$.

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How to get Splitgate Battlepass for free?

Getting a Splitgate battle pass for free is not very hard to get as several methods can get you a free battle pass in the game. Some of the methods are mentioned below.

splitgate referral code

Referral System in Splitgate

Using the splitgate referral system is the best way to get the battle pass for free in my opinion because you don’t need to do a lot of work, also while doing these steps will help you increase your gameplay skills as well.

  1. You can ask your friend to use your referral code, So you and your friend both can get 50 free coins or you can use my code to support me JP73T2 to get extra 50 coins.
  2. If you don’t have friends who play splitgate then you can make multiple accounts on splitgate make them level 10 and enter the code its very easy to do. I have explained this in my article on how to unlock free skins in splitgate.
  3. You need to make 18 accounts to get a free splitgate battlepass.
    • 18 x 50 = 900 (That’s what you need for battlepass)
  4. Reaching level 10 on all accounts is quite easy use the XP farming guide.

Use apps that pay your for doing tasks

Many apps pay you for completing some short survey or inviting your friends to their network. These apps pay you well and the payout is fast and quick using these apps will give you quick extra bucks to buy that free battle pass in-game.

We have linked a working List of apps that pay you for doing tasks or playing games.

If you are struggling in getting more kills in splitgate then we have created tips and tricks that will help you get a higher rank in splitgate.

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