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Splitgate: How to Unlock All Skins for free 2022

Splitgate is a free-to-play FPS Arena Shooter Multiplayer Game that is developed and maintained by 1047 Games. The game officially came out as a beta on May,24,2019.

This game is a mixture of Halo and Portal. The best thing is about the game is Portal with guns. I have been playing the game so much in the past few weeks, and it’s really amazing.

Due to low popularity and fewer players, the game never popped and stayed hidden for almost 2 years. But the developer team never lost their hope.

But these past few days, the game has had over 1 million players on Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox in total. People are waiting so eagerly to play the game they had to wait in queues.

Get Free Skins in Splitgate

There are several ways to unlock skins in splitgate. I will tell you every method. To unlock free and beautiful splitgate skins in-game for absolutely free.

Don’t worry if you have no extra money to spend on skins. Then we will provide you with the best methods to unlock skins for free in splitgate.

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Referral System – Unlock Free Splitgate Skins

I know you have seen the referral system of splitgate. You will get 3 Skins for free by completing the referral battle pass.

You need to Invite nearly 5 referrals to unlock all of the 3 legendary skins in Splitgate.

Skins that you will unlock in splitgate

  • Ritual – Legendary Plasma Rifle
  • Racer – Epic Pistol
  • Wildfire – Legendary SMG

These 3 skins are so good that I unlocked all of them for absolutely free without any friend’s help or referral.

How to unlock Referral Battlepass in Splitgate without friends

You can unlock all the battle pass skins for absolutely free without the help of your friends, and it’s straightforward to do so.

Steps to unlock free skins in splitgate

  1. Copy your code from reward centre in splitgate.
  2. You can also enter my code JP73T2 to get 50 coins for free.
  3. Now 5 accounts on steam.
  4. After that play on all of the accounts and reach level 10 with will take about 1 hour for all of the accounts its very easy to do so.
  5. Now Simply Enter yoour referral code from your main account one by one in your fake accounts.
  6. Dont Now you have 300 Coins + All battlepass Skins unlocked for absolutely free.

Unlock Skins By Playing Splitgate and Leveling UP

unlock all skins in splitgate for free
Free Skins in Splitgate

This is the best way to unlock skins in splitgate. By completing simple challenges in Splitgate, you can unlock various weapon skins and flex in front of your friends.

The challenges are elementary to complete in Splitgate

  • Sniper Skins
  • Rifle Skins
  • Pistol Skins
  • Shotgun Skins
  • Melee Skins

You can get many other skins for free by completing tasks like

complete challenges to unlock skins in splitgate
Complete Challenges in splitgate
  • Get 50 Kills using Rifle.
  • Get 30 Kills Using Sniper Rifle.

Just complete all the tasks given in the challenges, and you can unlock all of the free skins.

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How to XP Farm in Splitgate (Unlock Legendary Weapon Skins Easily)

Use this method in order to get more and more XP in Splitgate, I have unlocked nearly all of my weapon skins using this method.

Custom Match More XP Method

  1. Create a Custom Match.
  2. Now Set Max Players to 10.
  3. Select any map you like best map for me is Simulation Bravo.
  4. Now all you have to do is copy all the settings given below.
    • Match type set to Free for All
    • Score limit set to 50
    • Respawn time set to 0:01
    • Primary Weapon set to Fists
    • Secondary Weapon select Nothing (-)
    • Set bot difficulty to Easy
    • Portals, Killcams, Jetpack set to disabled
    • Unlimited Ammo and Clip Size set to enabled
    • Set Speed Modifier to 2.5
    • Melee Damage to 0.25
    • Health Modifier to 0.25 as well
  5. Simply start the match, Go and Pickup Assault Rifle.
  6. Go to the next ramp then wall you have to do is wait in the middle while the bots come from all directions. (easy bots)
  7. Kill all the bots, Get more and more XP.
  8. Unlock more and more free skins in splitgate.

Pretty low-effort post, just making it because they decided to allow XP in custom matches
I’ve done a lot of testing and I believe these are the best possible settings for maximum XP.

Reward Drops in Splitgate

reward drips unlock more skins

Reward drops can help you get a lot of free skins splitgate and unlock many legendary splitgate skins for free. The best and easy way is to complete challenges. Doing so will help you get more XP, which can give you more items to open in the reward center and unlock everything.

Get more reward drops just by completing simple tasks.

Login Everyday in Splitgate

Logging in every day in splitgate can get you a daily reward which is really helpful in getting that extra XP for free.

By logging in every day, you get additional XP and rewards that help you rank up and get reward drops to unlock, which will give you free skins in splitgate.

Splitgate Skin Unlocker or Skin Changer Tool

I know many people are searching for an easy way or hack to unlock all skins in the game, but I will suggest you do not use any third-party software on this game because all of them are viruses, and you will get banned.

So please follow the splitgate guide above for free skins. There is no shortcut in life and video games. If you want to know about splitgate DLC codes 2021, you can check the article mentioned.

Thanks for reading the article. I hope I have helped you in every possible way I can. Have a good day, everyone, and I will meet you all in the arena.

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Owen Singh

Owen Singh is a Tech, esports writer for Future Gaming that specializes in CSGO, Warzone, Apex, and Many other FPS Games esports scenes. He is also specialised in MMORPG and other similar genres.

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