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Escape from Tarkov: How to Spot Cheaters & Type of hack used

Escape from Tarkov is a First-Person Shotter multiplayer game where the objective of the players is to escape alive with all the loot they collect during the match. This unique concept of the game has helped the game to garner a lot of attention from viewers, especially on streaming platforms like Twitch.

The game entered its closed beta back in July of 2017 but reached its player peak in early 2020 after a major game update and its increased popularity on Twitch.

Since escape from Tarkov is an online game, there are bound to be some cheaters plaguing the matches. One of the most annoying things a gamer can face in a competitive online game is hackers, they ruin the experience of the player by using unfair means to win games at your expense. Today we will tell you how you can spot a cheater in your game and what are the various types of hacks that are being used in Escape from Tarkov right now.

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Radar Hacks

Radar hacks right now are plaguing the servers as more and more players find out how effective they are in Escape from Tarkov. Radar hacks allow the players to easily figure out their opponents’ health, weapon, current targets, elevation, level and name in an instant. This provides a huge advantage as these hacks give players a lot of information that they otherwise would never have.

How to Spot

It is always possible that you are just unlucky but if you feel that the enemies suddenly started rushing you when you are in low health without knowing of your condition, there is a high chance they used radar hacks to know your current health.

Aim Botting

Aim Botting is a type of hack that is not unique to Escape from Tarkov and can be found in almost any online shooter. If a hacker is using an aimbot in their games they do not have to manually aim at enemies instead he will just snap onto nearby enemies with perfect accuracy. It is one of the most unfair tactics that players use and since Aim Botting is so common you will surely face one such player using it in your game.

How to Spot

If you get shot at with 100% or get hit with an almost impossible shot with insane reaction speeds, more often than not that person is using an aimbot and it is advisable that you report the player if you are suspicious.

Invincible Hack

This hack is very rare to find due to the sole reason of how easy it is to spot but you still find players using this hack from time to time. This hack makes it such that the player using the hack does not take any damage at all. If you are confident you are hitting your shots but the enemy just refuses to die, they are using this hack.

How to Spot

Players take no damage even after being repeatedly hit.

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