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Squad Best Visibility Settings PC (See enemies Clearly) 2022

Online First Person Shooter Games are one of the most popular genres of games alongside open world and MMORPGs. There is probably not a single gamer out there who hasn’t tried FPS games. Even the people with motion sickness have probably given it a shot. In this article, we will discuss Squad best Visibility Settings that you can apply to your PC. Later, we will also mention how to use NVIDIA and AMD overlay filters for better visibility.

Squad is a tactical First Person Shooter game that has been developed and published by Offworld Industries. The game came out of early access in 2020 and has been constantly updated since then. It is a unique game where players are divided into multiple squads of nine each where they battle it out.

When it comes to FPS games, visibility settings are one of the most important things to consider especially for hardcore gamers. So, here are the Squad best Visibility settings both in-game and with other filters. First of all, before any of the other settings, make sure you crank up the brightness and the Gamma in your system’s display settings as high as you can without burning your eyes. Once that is done, we can get started on other settings.

Squad best Visibility Settings In-Game

Here, we will mention a bunch of main graphic settings and how they should be set with the reasons for it. Instead of giving you straight-out values, we will provide you with reasoning so you can determine the best settings for yourself depending on how good your system is.


This is probably the most important setting when it comes to Squad best visibility settings. Countless people out there compromise with their resolution in an attempt to make other settings higher but that’s just a wrong decision. The resolution for the game should be as high as your system, as far as your system can handle it. So for example, if you’ve got a 1080p Monitor, make sure you go for 1920×1080 resolution. You can always compromise in one of the settings mentioned below, but this one should always be the best possible.

Resolution Scaling

This is connected to the resolution mentioned above but it doesn’t need to be the highest. Resolution scaling basically makes your game look a lot clearer and smoother as you crank it up. The recommended resolution scaling for Squad best visibility settings is 115 or higher (as high as your PC can handle) but you can reduce it further below if your system starts lagging.


The texture is basically the quality of everything in your game. Every single element of the game is called a texture so, as its pretty obvious, you’ll want this setting as high as possible for better visibility. The higher texture settings refine the borders around objects and make enemy movement much easier to spot. Similarly, anisotropic filtering makes the sharpness of your game better so it should also be the highest your system can handle.

Particles are also kind of a part of texture which makes the particles in-game look better as you increase the setting. So, in a similar fashion, you’ll want to put your particle settings as high as you can without compromising the performance of your game.

Anti-Aliasing, Shadows, and Motion Blur

All of the above-mentioned settings make your game look and feel better, but have a negative impact on your visibility if any. So, all of these settings are recommended to be turned off completely for Squad best visibility settings.

Anti-aliasing basically blurs the borders of the objects in-game to make it easier to look at them and prevent potential headaches. While this is good for immersion, aesthetics and accessibility, if you want to spot that little head of an enemy peaking around the corner and perfectly line a headshot, you’ll want this setting to be off.

As, for motion blur, if you are a person with motion sickness, you will already have this setting off. Motion blur and shadows don’t really have any direct impact on your visibility but with these settings off, you can focus your PC’s performance on other things.


If you have a high-end PC that can manage to run the game in good frames, as high as the game can offer, then VSync will only have a negative effect on your game. So, it is recommended to turn VSync off for high-end PCs.

NVIDIA and AMD Overlay Filters

Now that we’ve mentioned all the essential settings for Squad best visibility settings in-game, let’s talk about something outside of the game that can also help. Depending on which graphic card you have, both NVIDIA and AMD have their own overlay filters. We’ll tell you how to access them below and once you’re in there, mess with the brightness, gamma, hue, saturation and sharpness settings to achieve Squad best visibility settings for your own PC.

To access the NVIDIA overlay filters, search for ‘GeForce Experience‘ in the Search Bar at the bottom and enable in-game overlay inside the settings menu on the application. Once you’ve done that, launch the game and press ALT + F3 to access the NVIDIA filter panel. Here, you can mess around with various settings to find Squad best visibility settings for yourself.

For AMD filters, search for the ‘AMD Radeon Software‘ in the search bar at the bottom and open the application. Click on display and on the right, click on enable custom color. Now, you can mess around with a variety of settings to find the best here as well.

That will do for Squad best Visibility settings. Hope this article was helpful.

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