Starbase Guide: Tips and Tricks (Credits, Tengium Ore, and more)

Starbase is a crossover voxel/vertex-based space MMO with a completely destructible and endlessly growing universe, with an emphasis on building and planning spaceships and stations, investigation, asset gathering, creating, exchanging, and battle.

It is developed and published by Frozenbyte Inc. Frozenbyte Inc. is a Finnish computer game developer established in 2001 and situated in Helsinki, Finland. Frozenbyte’s next business game, Trine was delivered in 2009 for Microsoft Windows in 2009

In Starbase, players control a humanoid robot within a deep in interstellar space. The player starts out at a large space station in orbit of a giant planet where they can preform various jobs at the station and paid in credits.

Follow These Tips :

In this guide, we are gonna talk about various aspects of the game like bolt inventory, various necessary tools, various ore’s location, earning credits, third person mode and more. This will be a complete beginner tips and tricks guide that will help you in Starbase.

Bolt Inventory Items to Ship

Starbase guide bolt

When you are going on a longer journey, you have to save item space in your inventory. Bolting items to your ship is the best way to save your inventory space. This can include tools weapons, usable items like cable tools, ammunition.

You could bolt an extra pickaxe on there. In short, you can bolt any inventory only item on your ship. This also doesn’t mess up the ship structure or its integrity. Just keep in mind that usually you won’t be able to go through a warp gate with them.

Cable And Pipe Tools are necessary

Starbase guide inventory

You should always make sure you have a cabling and piping tool, this is super important because if you hit a meteor outside the safe zone, and you happen to break a single cable or any pipe a lot of times it can result in you no longer being able to use your ship.

When you’re out there, make sure you get your ship back to a safe place in order to fix it. What you can do here is that you can bolt your tool on the ship. This way you can easily carry them around whenever you want.

Durability Tool Function

Starbase guide durability

In order to use durability tool, we are going to look closely somewhere at your ship relatively close to it, hit the u button in order to pull up your universal tool. After doing this, a windows pops up, you have to go over to the far left tab in the window.

You can do this by hitting tab on your keyboard and then moving the mouse over there. There you have to select the second box on the top right. When you click on, it’s going to make your whole ship turn green or in some cases red.

What you’re going to want to do is fly around your ship and look for these little tiny red boxes or just look for red colored structures, this could be a box on your ship this could be a beam a pipe it could be literally anything if it is red that is what is causing your durability error.

That usually means that you’re either going to have to fix the cabling or piping, or it’s usually more often than not going to just be a simple additional couple of bolts.

Tengium Ore location

A lot of you guys have been wondering where the tengium ore is found. Right now, it’s only found on the moon surfaces. So you can head over to the moon and search for the tengium ore on the surface of the moon.

Moving Ores and Delete Unnecessary Ores

Starbase guide inventory

You need to delete ores that you don’t want in your inventory. This is mostly important for ships that are used or have mining lasers. As they are used for mining, they target various ores. So you have to discard ores that you don’t use for saving up storage space.

What you can do is connect yourself to your resource bridge. They’ve added the delete feature rather than going out and dropping all your items into space you can actually just click there in your seat right-click the item delete and then continue on your way.

You can move ores into the station storage. You can do this by simply clicking right-click on the ore you have found. Now, do keep in mind this cannot move partial stacks of ores. When moving ore you can choose move all. This saves you time for carrying ores.

Easy way to earn Credits

Starbase guide guns

One of the best ways to earn credits is to sell ores. Selling ores on particular price has a tax system of 10%. So first check at what price is a particular ore selling. Then place your ore for selling and then check the profit. If it’s profitable, then sell it.

Sometimes selling items is not always profitable. Here comes crafting items, so now what you have to do is look for an item that you can craft. Check its price and then calculate your individual item price used for crafting and 10% tax and look for profit. This way you can earn more.

One more way you can earn credits is by joining a company. Joining a company helps you in various ways like you can travel different ships, do multiple jobs and collect multiple ores and the rewards get split up. Join the official discord of starbase to look for company.


Starbase guide demolition

Go head to the demolition area. There you can cut the ships into smaller pieces. You can use buzzsaw to do this. You can find recharges on the table is your buzzsaw runs out of energy. Always look for the objective and how the buzzsaw works.

Weak areas can be cut off. Once you cut off a part of the machine, it will automatically move to the collection area. You might have to demolish the last section, as sometimes it doesn’t move automatically to the collection area.

Third Person Mode

Starbase guide third person

This game offers third person mode. If you don’t want to play this game in first person mode, you can easily switch to third person mode by holding the ALT key and scrolling your mouse wheel. This way, you can easily enter third person mode.

You can look around your character using the ALT key. Just hold the ALT key and move your mouse around. Sprinting is a much faster option to reach from one location to another when on the deck of the ship.

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