Steam Deck – How To Set Controller for All Non-Steam Games

If you have recently Purchased the Steam Deck, and having some issues regarding the controller for non-steam games, well do not worry, we have a simple fix for you, which can be done quickly in under a few minutes.

Steam Deck is capable of running both Steam as well Non-Steam games if you are not aware, But there is an issue, where the controllers don’t respond in non-steam games like games from Xbox Pass or others.

Steam Overlay Settings

Before moving out to the main steps of adding games, here is an important step that is not mandatory, but it will help switch out to the mouse mode or vice versa easily. So Go to Steam Settings and follow these –

  1. Open Steam Settings
  2. Go to In-Game Tab
  3. Enable (Tick) the second option there
  4. Click OK to save

Now Move down to the main steps, and download the Global Steam Controller Application, which makes it easy to work.

How to Setup Controller Settings for All Non Steam Games

  1. First Download and Open GlosSI (Global Steam Controller Input)
  2. Click Add all on Steam Button (on the right)
  3. Open and Create a new Instance there
  4. Type any name and Link to any windows application (eg: Notepad)
  5. Go to Steam, and You will see added application there in the Library
  6. Open the application (notepad), and wait until you hear a USB connection sound
  7. The Controller has been added into the Steam Deck
  8. Open your Non Steam Game and Start Playing.

This Method is completely working, and easy to follow with this application. Thanks to The Phawx on Youtube for giving a very quick idea about making non-steam games work with the controller.

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