Stranger of Paradise Class Guide: Which is the Best Class?

Stranger of Paradise is an action role-playing game that was released on 15 March 2022. The game is a remake with a lot of new additions to the original Final Fantasy game which was released way back in 1987.

Being tied to such an iconic game series the game has come out to become a big release with many players hopping on the game on its release. The game has 8 different classes for you to choose from, we today will take a look at these classes and tell you which class would be best for you.


The swordmen class is one of the melee-based classes you can choose from the beginning, the swordsmen class features a great sword as a weapon that is great to clear out mobs of enemies and deal with multiple enemies.

However, due to the huge size of the greatsword, you will not be as mobile and agile as many other classes. You can further either become a berserker, a warrior, or a knight each has different requirements. It is one of the best classes for very new players in the genre.


Swordfighter class is basically a more agile version of the Swordsmen class with a small sword as a weapon instead of a greatsword. You can even wield a small shield to block some of the incoming damage.

You can also parry attacks using your interception ability which is very easy to execute for a huge counterattack. The Swordfighter class provides a great balance between damage and mobility and is very easy to play.


Ronin class comes equipped with one of the best starting weapons in the game, the katana which allows the Ronin to deal significantly more damage than the Swordfighter class with the downside being the inability to wield a shield.

The Ronin class is more hard-hitting than the swordfighter and more mobile than the Swordsmen which makes the class great for people looking for something in between. The Ronin also has a very useful unsheath ability which also looks really cool in action, so that’s always a plus.


The Pugilist is the hand-to-hand focused class present in the game. This class has the shortest range out of all the melee builds in the game and you really have to get in close and personal in order to maximize the potential of the class. You also have the explosive fist ability which is a great tool for staggering your enemies.

You have decent mobility to be able to go in and out of the attack range of the enemies. Pugilist is one of the most fun classes to play the game with but many players might struggle a bit with the short-range of the attacks.


Marauder is an upgraded version of the swordsmen class, the players get to wield a huge axe that hits really hard and can reach even further than the range of the Greatsword. The ability of the marauder class is one of the best in the game called the upheaval which allows the player to inflict a status effect that reduces the damage dealt by the affected enemy. The marauder also however shares the weakness of the Swordsmen class of being a little immobile and slow.


Mage is the spellcaster class of the game and can cast very powerful spells from a distance, the mage uses elemental spells to attack their enemies. The potency of the spell depends on how long does it take for it to be cast. The mage also has decent damage in the melee range which makes it a great class for people who love playing hybrid builds in other games.


The duelist is one of the fastest classes in the game and is great for players looking to push the pace of any fight. Coming equipped with two small daggers, the duelist class allows players to attack the weak spots of the enemy for critical hits and an agility boost.

However, if you don’t like to play aggressively and dictate the pace of the engagement, the duelist class may not be for you. It is one of the most versatile and beginner-friendly classes in the game.


Lancer like the mage is another hybrid class. The lancer class comes with a lance which players are able to throw from a range to attack their enemies, this is a great way to start any encounter.

The damage of the throw depends on the duration you hold it for with damage numbers going considerably high when held longer. The lance could also be used for close-range combat with the class excelling in piercing and slashing damage.

Credits: Fextralife on Youtube

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