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Stranger of Paradise: How to Get Overpowered in Early Game

Stranger of Paradise is a dark fantasy game, which is based on the life of Jack Garland. Jack with his companions goes on a journey and fights the Final Fantasy foes. He continuously evolves better to get victory over stronger villains.

The game provides the player many options to increase our exp and grow stronger but we can become better even in lower levels by using the game mechanics in our favor. Here we are gonna share some tips with you, with which you can get overpowered early.

Playing Same Level

So this method of earning exp in Final Fantasy is just a way of using game mechanics differently. This method can be used from the very starting of the game. This method will allow you to earn a lot of exp in a little time and work.

  • Firstly, when you enter the games first section of chaos, you will soon find the game saving alter, just enter the alter’s menu and also choose that which job you want to upgrade specifically. Also note that Primary jobs gets more exp than secondary jobs, so choose your preference in the first place.
  • Then continue your journey to the next saving alter. You must have earned at least 4000-5000 exp till now. Now just go back in reverse fighting with the same monsters again, to the first alter you have found. And surprise, you again earned same amount of exp. This way, you can continue earning exp of your job and soon you can unlock higher jobs.

How to Kill bombs easily?

Fighting with bombs may feel sometimes very frustrating. And when there were many, it annoys us a lot.

  • While fighting with bomb, use soul shield against the bombs attack and pocket it, and then shoot all three blast attacks on bomb. This will kill the bomb easily.
  • While fighting multiple bombs, target one bomb, absorb its attack and shoot 2 attacks and then absorb one more blast of it, and shoot it once. By its self destruct, other bomb close to it will become 1 level weak and easy to kill.

Use these methods to get rid of bombs soon.

Playing with Friends

It is another way of earning a lot of exp. In actuality, there is something you earn in side missions and the main story too is Anima Shards. These anima shards can be used to earn exp for the jobs. These Anima shards can be earned while playing solo but it is much easier to earn while playing with friends.

You can play side missions and the mains story as well too. As you level up and play higher missions or move ahead in the story, the number of anima shards you can earn will also increase. And this is also a good method to earn a lot exp in the Strangers of Paradise game.


There are many methods to earn a lot of exp and become overpowered in the game’s early stages. And it is your preference, which method you choose to become OP early in this game, but this is our preference to you for becoming OP soon.

All the best for your gaming journey. Be an OP Player and don’t forget to share your views. You can also watch the video above for a better understanding of the game.

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