Strangers of Paradise – Infinite Anima Shards XP Farm Early

Strangers of Paradise is a fun and action RPG game. The main protagonist Jack has to travel all the way to complete his journey with his companions. To complete the journey, Jack has to continuously evolve with time to get stronger.

To get stronger, players need a lot of exp in the game. There are many ways to earn a lot of exp in the game as you advance in the game. But for the early or beginning sessions of the game, this method is very easy and suitable too.

In Referendum Wetlands

The place where this technique has to be used is Referendum Wetlands, in Final Fantasy World. Here is the loophole of the game, which can give us unlimited anima shards. And as we know, anima shards can be exchanged in place of exp in the job tree.

For this trick to work efficiently, the player must have a Battle Axe and its attack type, i.e., Brutal Tackle.

  • So firstly you have to find this place in the map. Here a bridge is going downwards, where there is a weather alter and fire alter on left and right respectively. The weather is rainy here.
Infinite anima shards in Strangers of Paradise game.
Image from BltzZ video
  • Then, with weather alter, you can stop rain, and when you proceed in backside of weather alter, you will find a rope shortcut to reach an saving alter of the game where you can reset the level and save it too.
Infinite anima shards in Strangers of Paradise game.
Image from BltzZ video
  • Just save the game, then all the enemies were reset. Now go back from the same way to the weather alter place, and if you keep moving forward, you will find a cave.
Infinite anima shards in Strangers of Paradise game.
Image from BltzZ video
  • This cave will take you to place where, you can fight with the Griffin, which is summoned by a Dark Tree Creature.
Infinite anima shards in Strangers of Paradise game.
Image from BltzZ video
  • Just charge your Battle Axe with Brutal Tackle attack combination, and then release the attack after axe gets charged three times.
  • This will kill the Griffin with one shot and the Griffin will drop anima shards.
  • Just kill the Griffin, go all the way back to saving alter, save and repeat the process.
  • This method gives slow but unlimited anima shard to the player, which will be used for continuous upgrades.

Note: Please, don’t fight with any other enemy near Griffin, it will only waste your time. Don’t kill the Tree Creature, who summons Griffin. It can ruin your plan of getting unlimited anima shards. Griffin may sometimes drop 2 or 3 anima shards, and sometimes it drops only one.

It is again said that there were many better methods in the higher levels of the game. This method is very helpful in the early stage of the game.

I hope you have all the doubts cleared. Please share your views with us. Have fun and better gaming.

credits: BltzZ on Youtube

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