Stray 2022: All Coloured Plants Locations

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One of the Antvillage’s quests in the game is about finding three different followers for the plants. However, if you aren’t always attentive to the surroundings, you might miss them.

One of the game’s badges can be earned by completing this mission, as this is the only significant side quest in the Antvillage chapter. Malo, the gardener who resides at the top of the Antvillage, enjoys collecting various varieties of flowers that blossom across the community. You earn the Plant Badge as a reward after collecting all the plants throughout the world, and this guide is here to help you with the same.

These plants are known to produce red, yellow, and purple flowers. The location of these flowers is not difficult to find, but you must first interact with Zbaltazar the Outsider in order to obtain them.

Explore the area and find Zbaltazar a few levels up, after B12 learns a secret about the scientist because he won’t let you interact with anyone or anything for some time.

Red Plant Location

stray red plant

Go all the way to the bottom of the tower and search for the bucket by the two mahjong players to locate the red plant. Get on it and ride it downwards. To find the red plant on a tiny island, you need to proceed down the barrels. This is where you’ll find those red plants.

Yellow Plant Location

stray yellow plant

Head back to Zbaltazar after talking to the plant grower and going down one floor. Go around this level to the back of the tower, and you should find a bar. From there, you may drop to a pipe and get the yellow flowers.

Purple Plant Location

stray purple plant

From there, descend a further level till you come to a man by a tree limb. Pick up the purple plant by walking onto the tree branch.

That concludes our article on the plant locations in Stray. Do check out more of our guides on Stray.

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