Stray 2022: All Notebooks Locations

Stray is proving to be a successful game and is gaining popularity among gamers.

In Stray, players can find and collect notebooks for Momo, an NPC who claims that these notebooks contain crucial information about the “Outside”. Momo will be your first encounter after entering the Slums and encountering the Guardian, a man in a red cloak who represents the neighbourhood’s protector.

After conversing with Momo about the Outsiders, you’ll be given the job of locating their notebooks.

In Stray, there are 4 notebooks, and each one is linked to a different character and is essential for finishing Chapter 4. These notes can be found all around the Slums, although they are most frequently at the upper flat that is visible from Momo’s building.

Here, we’ve listed the locations where you’ll find the notebooks in the game.

Momo’s Notebook

stray notebooks

Scoring the first notebook is the easiest. You can acquire the first notebook by having a little conversation with Momo throughout the main tale.

B-12, Stray’s robot buddy, will advise locating the other 3 notebooks after analysing the first one. They are all hidden in tall buildings that bear the Outsiders logo—a white face with a circle for a mouth on a blue background—and are all within close reach of one another.

Zbaltazar’s Notebook

After receiving Momo’s Notebook, players need to return outside and head to your left, where you will notice a large building with metal railings along the side and a large blue Outsiders sign on the roof. After you get onto the roof, you must take out the energy cell to turn off the fan so you may descend into the apartment below. They can discover Zbaltazar’s Notebook, hidden beneath a box close to the sofa.

Doc’s Notebook

The location of the third notebook is in Doc’s own building. The place is accessible by climbing to the Slums’ rooftop. You need to cross over and proceed to his balcony, which is to the left of Momo’s structure.

Once inside, you’ll see a number of keys spread out on the bed in the apartment’s back corner. Find the books on the set of shelves beside the piano after getting the keys. There is a safe with the notebook inside. Open the safe with the keys you’ve gathered to get the third notebook.

Clementine’s Notebook

stray notebooks4

The fourth and final notebook can be found by simply going to the Slums’ rooftop and looking for a blue-walled building with an open window. It has an Outsider’s insignia printed on it and is located next to Momo’s building.

By leaping through the window and onto the pipeline, that connects the two buildings, you can go to the other building. Jump on the pipes to get to the building, then enter the side room to locate a computer with the notebook sitting next to it.

Now that you’ve learned the notebooks’ location, it’s time that you get into the game and start meowing.

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