Stray 2022: How to Find Clementine Easily

The long-awaited Stray is finally here, and it hasn’t disappointed the players. You play as a cat in a world full of content and adventure.

Almost every stage of the cat’s journey in Stray includes solving a riddle. Some are simple to crack, while others may leave you stranded and pushing the boundaries of your mental capacity.

You will be strolling around Midtown for a friend called Clementine in the game. She is somewhat challenging to locate. Since this article will show you where Stray Clementine is, you don’t have to search through every shop and alley or move about where you shouldn’t be looking for her.

In Midtown, Clementine is truly your sole friend because nobody else seems to care as much about your cat as they do in the slums. So, unless you are eager to explore and uncover the mysterious locations in the game world, keep reading and you’ll have an easy time locating your cat friend. Meow!

Clementine’s Location

Clementine’s address is inscribed on the back of the photo that you’ve had from the beginning of the game. A blue symbol appears in the image above three green dots, five red dots, and a blue symbol. When you get to Midtown, you need to keep an eye out for the blue symbol, which is just next to the red neon arrow sign and some strange text.

stray clementine 1

Clementine is found in Midtown. Pass through the tunnel after getting to the peak of Antvillage. Go up to the subway, cross the rails, and then turn left into the town. Once there, proceed to The Residence by following the Midtown signage.

Examine the image of Clementine that Zbaltazar gave you. She has her address on the back. She’s on the third floor. Turn left as you enter the room, ascend the stairs, turn left at the top, and then ascend the steps on the opposite side. On the very left end is Clementine’s residence. Although her door is locked, you can jump through a small opening to the side.

Turn left as you enter the room, ascend the stairs, turn left at the top and ascend the steps on the opposite side. On the very left end is Clementine’s home. Although her door is locked, there is a little opening to the side where you can jump. After you enter, Clementine will approach you and inquire about your identity. Just hand her the picture Zbaltazar provided you and you are good to go.

Now that you’ve found Clementine, it’s time that you start meowing.

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