Stray Computer Puzzle: How to Unlock B-12

Stray, a game by BlueTwelve Studio and Annapurna Interactive, is indeed on the list of the best games of this year. You play a stray cat in this game and find your journey in a city full of robots.

You’ll find quests like figuring out the Computer Puzzle so you can get your companion B-12. Sit tight as this guide is here to help you will learn how to answer all the computer riddles to advance in the game.

Where to Find All Four Plugs

A small room containing several computers serves as one of the game’s first puzzles. This puzzle is found in the chapter “The Flat,” which is also where you first meet B-12. You must first acquire the power cores and get everything up and running. Open the door and start working by pounding the keyboard.

stray B12 unlock

To fire up the computers, you need to acquire four power cores. All of these power cores are located in the computer room that you will eventually find after stepping on the keyboard. The power cores can be identified as small cubes with a white light on them. To get them, look in the following places:

  • The centre table connected to some equipment.
  • On top of a bookshelf near the security cam.
  • Just to the right of the computer wall, in the corner across from the door. Use the computer as a leaping platform by pressing the lever to cause it to roll.
  • Jump onto the lever in the chamber, and the last one is located near the computer.

At the base of the computer wall, place the power cores in the sockets. To correspond with the four power cores, there are four plugs. When you are done with this, the bookcase will move and reveal a doorway that was previously concealed.

How to Power up B-12

stray B12

Jump onto the hostile robot after you’ve plugged in the computer and entered the private space. Following that, move to the computer cabinet.

Proceed further through it to find a wooden box and B-12. Drop them both on the ground. Run to the scanner while holding the robot in order to scan and awaken it. A cutscene should start once B-12 is active.

You’ll now proceed with B-12 further into the story. Happy meowing!

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