Stray 2022 Seamus Door Code: How to Find & Decipher it

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Puzzles in Stray are no child’s play. At times, you need to think outside of the box.

And if you are having a hard time figuring out the Secret Room Code puzzle at Seamus’ place, we’ve got you covered. You must solve this puzzle in order to continue your search for a weapon for Zurks.

There are no major hints to the solution. So, sit back while we walk you through the steps for entering Doc’s secret laboratory with the secret code.

How to get Seamus’ Secret Room Door Code

The answer is 2511, if you’ve already figured out everything but the code itself.

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To obtain the tracker, you must go into Seamus’ Secret Room. In many of Stray’s puzzles, the answer is hidden in plain sight, but it’s not always clear where to look. To access Doc’s lab, you need to figure out the secret room code in Seamus’ apartment. Although you could just shoot the code in, you may keep reading if you are interested in the steps.

Sit down at Seamus’ desk and make a right turn. A framed image of two robots holding hands is hanging on the wall. Knock it over to find the hint.

Look at the translation on the other wall, which reads, “Time will tell,” as you turn around. This is the main hint.

There are four big clocks on it. From left to right, they show the hours at two, five, one, and then again at one. And hence, the code is 2511.

Simply input the code on the keypad, and a section of the wall will automatically open. Go to the table in the back of Doc’s hidden room, turn to your left, and note the box perched atop a shelf. You need to ascend and remove it.

When you find the Tracker, give it to Seamus as doing so will help your search for the weapon for Zurks.

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