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How to Stream Netflix on Discord Easily (No Black Screen)

how to stream netflix on discord

If you are wondering is it possible to stream Netflix on the Discord Application or not, then you must know that streaming Netflix on discord is quite easy and you can do that in a few steps. Follow this post to learn about Mirroring Netflix on the Discord app.

Netflix is one of the biggest video streaming subscription services that allows you to search through their library of TV series and movies to watch what you want, when you want, in the privacy of your own home.

Now if you are planning to stream Netflix with your friends on a specific channel on Discord with sound and without any black screen error, make sure to check all the steps provided in the post below.

How to Stream Netflix On Discord Easily

1) Open Browser & Login on Netflix


First, start by opening your favorite browser, using chrome for the best features, Now visit searching on the search bar.

Log in with your Netflix account and prepare your show or movie that you want to stream on Discord.

3) Download & Setup Discord

voice channel

Now the most important process for streaming is to set the Discord App. Download the Discord Application first on your PC by visiting the official discord website, and login there.

Now, if you have already created a discord server with voice channels, join the voice channel. Make sure to check the Discord Stream Guide here.

4) Setup Activity Status in Discord

stream netflix on discord

Now, you must be on a server with voice channels, Go to the Discord settings in the bottom left, then go down until you see Activity Status under activity settings. Click on Add it! button there.

Now you will see a tab where you need to select your browser where your Netflix is opened. Click the down arrow and select your Browser then Click Add game at last.

5) Main Window Settings

discord stream netflix

Now, go to the channel where you want to stream Netflix, Join any voice channel first. Check for the Stream Google Chrome icon on the bottom left of your screen.

A new window for screen sharing will Open now, here you can select your streaming quality which is limited to a normal user 720p with 30fps Max.

4) Start Playing!

Now, After you set everything above in the screen sharing window above, you will see Go Live Button there. Simply click on Go live! and you will be live on that channel. Go back to the browser and start playing!

Issues & Fixes while streaming Netflix on Discord

If you are facing any type of No Sound or Black screen error while streaming Netflix onDiscord, then you don’t need to worry about that, here are some simple fixes that everyone can do in just two minutes.

Discord Netflix No Sound Issue

To fix this issue, the first thing you have to check is your Audio Drivers, if they are up to date and are supporting with the Discord Application. Rest follow these steps –

  1. Update your Audio Driver in Windows
  2. Check Audio Permissions in Discord Channel

Discord Netflix Black Screen Issue

This Netflix streaming black screen Error is one of the most common errors users get on their channel, which is a black empty screen. To fix these types of errors, you must need to Disable Hardware acceleration for your browser. To do so –

First Fix –

  1. Open your Browser First (any)
  2. Go to Settings on top right corner (on chrome)
  3. Tap on Search field above
  4. Search for Hardware Acceleration Option
  5. Disable the Use Hardware Acceleration when available
  6. Done Restart your Browser!

Second Fix –

  1. Go to the Voice and Video option in Discord Settings
  2. Deactivate OpenH264 Video Codec under Video Codec
  3. There is a setting for Use our newest technology to capture your screen under the Voice and Video tab, which is activated by default; if it doesn’t work, you should disable it.

By Following these Fixes, you can stream Netflix on any platform easily without any type of errors, if you face the same error again, make sure to restart your browser after changing the settings.

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