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Best Elden Ring Strength Faith Build Guide

It’s boring to play simply as a Warrior or a Mage, when you can add both magic and muscles to your character, to overcome any situation or opponent in the savage lands of Elden Ring. If you are searching for the best Strength and Faith builds, then your search ends here. We have compiled for you the best Strength Faith build that is a hybrid of both.

Strength and Faith are the two main stats from a total of 8 stats in the Elden Ring. While Strength allows you to equip weapons and deal higher physical damage, Faith grants you the ability to cast spells and incantations. You can go for a build that focuses on both Strength as well as Faith aiming for a Paladin play style.

Elden Ring Image strength faith build
Image: Bandai Namco

Although you can always focus more on any one of the builds and become a mighty warrior, because you will also have to manage your points between other stats, using a hybrid of both Strength and Faith builds can be quite tricky. But if you do it right, it will allow you to fight using close-range weapons as well as cast long-range magic attacks that deal areal damage and apply status effects.

Table of Contents
1. Class
2. Weapon
3. Ashes of War
4. Magic
5. Talismans

Strength x Faith build: Elden Ring

While we will be putting our focus on Strength and Faith, we will also have to maintain a balance with Vigor, otherwise, there’s no use in becoming an absolute God of a warrior that has no defence. You will be easily taken down by enemies in one shot. Plus there are various advantages to investing some points in Vigor, like restoring more HP when leeching life from your enemies.

Elden ring strength faith build 2


If you are starting out, you can choose the Confessor class or Prophet class, because these will be giving you the highest points in Faith. If you choose Confessor you start out with the highest level, equipped with a broadsword, a shield, finger seal armament as well as two incantations, Urgent Heal and Assassins Approach.

elden ring character confessor faith build full
Confessor image via Bandai Namco

These will be your ratings as you start out as a Confessor –

  • Vigour – 10
  • Dexterity – 12
  • Mind – 13
  • Intelligence – 9
  • Endurance – 10
  • Faith – 14
  • Strength – 12
  • Arcane – 9


The best weapon to start with is going to be Great Stars, there possibly can’t be a better choice.

Great STars

  • The weapon comes with a default skill: Endure.
  • This weapon can be infused with Ashes of War and buffed with Magic and Consumables.
  • Causes blood loss buildup: (55)
  • Restores 1% health on hit even if required stats aren’t met, and even if blocked.
great stars warhammer weapon elden ring strength faith build

This weapon has a huge damage output and will restore some amount of health on every successful hit, while also applying a blood loss status effect on your opponents. Thus giving you an edge over your enemies by keeping your health in check while draining the opponent.

This weapon can be upgraded using smithing stones.

Ashes of war

You can use these items to apply or replace Weapon skills or Affinities.

1. Prayerful strike

Prayerful Strike applies the Prayerful Strike skill and Sacred Affinity that will benefit you by adding Holy Damage and Faith Scaling while increasing damage negation. The Prayerful Strike skill will restore 30% of your Max HP on every successful hit. This is a great add-on to use with your Great Stars. You can deal enormous blows on opponents all while restoring your own HP.

2. Hoarfrost stomp

Hoarfrost stomp provides Cold Affinity and Hoarfrost Stomp Skill. This skill has a large Area of Effect (AoE), fast Cast Time and High Damage. Using the skill Deals 70 Frostbite on the initial hit, after which the ice crystals explode applying 110 each. Also applies the frost status effect.


1. Lightning spear

The Lightning Spear spell creates a lightning projectile that you can hurl on an enemy. It is a long-range attack that you can use on foes you don’t want to engage in close combat with. The best use case would be to weaken your enemy with this spell if you are low on HP and then charge in with a Prayerful Strike to regain your Health. Although how you use it depends on you, it is no doubt a good to have skill.

2. Honed bolt

Honed Bolt is an incantation that strikes a targeted foe with lightning from above. This attack deals lightning damage and can repeatedly be used thus being a high DPS attack option.

3. Aspects of crucible: Horns

This incantation is an excellent option for close-range focused Faith builds (or Faith/Str builds), allowing you to quickly close the distance with foes and knock them down. This incantation along with Great Stars is a deadly combination. You can charge this ability for increased range and damage.

4. Golden vow

Golden Vow provides you with an attack and defence buff that lasts 80 seconds. The buff is applied to the character as well as allies. The spell costs 50 stamina points to cast but increases your attacks by 15% (7.5% in PvP) while boosting All Damage Negation to 10%.


1. Two-finger heirloom

This talisman increases your Faith by 5. You can cast a weapon buff while having this talisman equipped, and then remove it, and the buff will remain active, even if your Faith without the talisman is lower than the required Faith for the weapon buff.

2. Ligthning scorpion charm

Lightning Scorpion Charm increases Lightning damage by 12%, but increases Physical Damage taken by 10%. Since you now have Great Stars along with Prayerful Strike, you won’t need to worry much about HP and defence and equip this talisman to cast spells with increased damage.

3. starscourage heirloom

This talisman increases your Strength by 5.

4. Cerulean Amber medallion

Cerulean Amber medallion raises maximum FP by 7/9/11% depending on the variant.

Watch this video by Dare To Game for more info on Talismans

You can use any combination of these Talismans to boost your stats.

Using this gear, you can get your opponents on their knees without breaking a sweat. Let us know in the comments what you think of this build. For more Elden Ring guides, visit futuregaming.io

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