How to Play Valorant in Stretched Resolution (NVIDIA) 2022

Valorant is a great FPS game with lots of skills and aim used by the players. With growing players, many different aspects help you improve the game.

Either you have a good PC with high graphics and a great monitor that will be easy for you to dominate in the game. To Increase Performance, you should know about Stretched resolution in the games that will improve your gameplay in FPS games.

Can we Play Stretched Valorant?

So, the question is can you use Stretched Resolution in Valorant, Well No Valorant does not support stretched res, but for some cases, you can lower your res in valorant. But not do entirely stretched. If you compare stretched res in CSGO, it is better to see the proper stretch of the screen and Increased FOV.

You can’t use stretch res in valorant as the Developers had disabled this, so players can’t have more advantages by getting slightly bigger hitboxes to kill the players.

Also, you can still do like lower your resolution. Usually, It does stretch your hud and ability indicators but doesn’t stretch the game, but if you are a decent player in valorant, you will not complain.

Benefits of Stretched Resolution

Stretched resolution in games helps you improve by maximizing player hitboxes, FOV (Field of Vision), FPS and many more advantages.

Advantages of Stretched Res :

  • Big Player Hitboxes (or Big heads)
  • Increased Vertical FOV
  • Increase FPS
  • More Responsiveness

Some Best Stretched Resolutions in FPS Games

To get the Best Res in FPS Games, it is all different and depends upon your GPU and monitor specifications.

Some of the Best Stretched Res, not only for valorant but for all games, are given below –

  • 1600 x 1080 Stretched
  • 1440 x 1080 Stretched
  • 1280 x 1024 Stretched
  • 1280 x 960 Stretched
  • 1024 x 768 Stretched

as stated earlier, please note the Valorant doesn’t support the complete Stretch resolution, but it will lower your resolution, but doesn’t stretch up enemies or map objects and doesn’t increase or decrease FOV.

How to Play Like a Stretch Resolution in Valorant?

To Make the screen stretched or lower resolution completely, here you have to do some settings in-game and NVIDIA Control Panel. The rest of AMD users can copy the same.

The Best Resolution for Valorant can be anything lower than your current Resolution right now. Here we consider a 1920×1080 current Resolution monitor and stretch it to the 1280×1024 Resolution.

1) Open NVIDIA Control Panel & Go to Manage 3D Settings

Starting with NVIDIA Panel, go to Manage 3D Settings and make some changes there. Follow the Image and match the settings with yours. Also, make sure the DSR Factors = OFF to create a new resolution.

2) Go to Adjust Desktop Size and Resolution

Make sure the Scaling is set to Fullscreen, or you will end up with black bars at borders. Make these settings and Apply.

Scaling: Fullscreen
Perform Scaling on GPU
Tick: Override the scaling mode set by games and programs

3) Go to Change Resolution under Display Tab

Once it opens, Your default res will be selected. Click “Customize” below, and “Create Custom Resolution” and Enter these details, then Click Test and YES to Confirm.

Horizontal Pixels: 1280
Vertical Lines: 1024
Refresh Rate (Hz): Your Monitor Refresh rate in Hz

The Horizontal and Vertical Pixels are the stretched resolutions that you want to. Set it as you like. And Enter your monitor refresh rate in Hz in the third option.

4) Run Valorant & Apply Stretch Resolution

Now Open valorant and Go to Settings, Noe Change the Resolution under General Tab to the exact resolution of NVIDIA that you want it to be stretched (here mine is 1280×1024).

Display Mode: Fullscreen
Resolution : 1280×1024

Then Apply and Confirm the settings.

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