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Super Animal Royale Complete Guide : Top 10 Beginner Tips and Tricks

Super Animal Royale is a 64-player, excited, hierarchical 2D fight royale where lethal creatures battle tooth, hook, and assault rifle across an unwanted safari park. It was released for windows on 26 August 2021.

The battle royal victory reward in this game is very intriguing. When you win a battle royal in this game, surviving 64 players, the reward you get is called “DNA“. With this DNA as a reward, you can unlock various new Super Animals.

This game provides you a feature to customize your character. It is available for free on steam, though there are some in game purchases. This game features modes like Online PvP, Online Co-op and supports controller.

Though the game is free, there are outside purchases that can enhance your gaming experience. The additional purchase includes Super Animal Royal Soundtrack, Super Animal Royal Super Edition, and Super Animal Royal Season 1 Starter Pack.

Tips and Tricks to Follow :

In order to get good at these games, you need to follow these tips to get along and get your first victory. Surrounding and game sense play an important role in victory, so here we are gonna talk about these things that help in battle royal victory.

Redeem Codes :

Follow this link to get redeem codes. These codes help you to get new skins, which makes the game more entertaining and pleasing to your eyes. As we gamers already know, skins are the victory changer.

Tip 1 : Choosing The Right Game Mode

Super animal Royal lobby

When you hop in the game early on, choosing the right game mode is the necessary option for you. As you don’t want multiple enemies all jumping on you at a single time. This will leave you at a disadvantage, and you will be back to lobby in a few minutes.

This game features solo, duo and squads. Solo means a party of one, duo a party of two people, and squad a party of four. When you are starting early, you should go for solo, so you could learn the game and understand your surrounding. This improves your game sense faster.

Tip 2 : Proper Landing

Super animal Royal solo

When you choose the game mode, then comes the part where you have to land. This place a key role in whether you will survive for the long run or not. Surviving for the long run means you have a better chance of wining the game.

In order to do so, you need to land in a less crowded area. This way you can easily loot up and gather all the essential supplies and get ready for the enemy encounter. With proper gear and loot, you can easily shoot other enemies down.

Tip 3 : Weapons and Their Choice

Super animal Royal weapons

Having a proper weapon in can make a great difference in a fight. The amount of damage they deal, their range and ammo type all essential key factors every player should know. This way, you can easily dominate your enemy in a gun fight.

This game offers various weapons ranging from pistols to rifles to snipers. Melee weapon includes a sword. Throwables include a grenade, a banana, and a stunk bomb. Legendary JAG-7 deals the most damage at close range for unarmed player. For an armed player, a grenade is effective.

Tip 4 : The Hamster Balls and Emus

Super animal Royal hamster ball emu

Moving around the maps are crucial as landing and gun fights. With proper movement, you can keep yourself out of gunfights and place yourself in proper zone and lead yourself to the victory by dominating your enemies.

You can use Hamster balls and Emus to get across the map. Hamster Ball are slow, but once you are in it, they act as a shield for you. Emus are fast, and you can attack enemies upon encountering. But on emus you can also get shot, so be ready for it.

Tip 5 : Open Field Disadvantage

Super animal Royal open field

Doing anything in open field can lead you at a disadvantage. These open field events include running in an open field, healing in an open field, not using surroundings. These events will lead you to lobby in no time.

When you are running or moving in open field, you never know when the other player might come or where is he hiding. Same situation goes for when you are healing in an open field, and they might kill you on low health.

Tip 6 : Grass has its secrets

Super animal Royal grass

In Super Animal Royal grass hides various things. In order to get these things from grass using the pickaxe. Grass hides items like heal, duct tape, ammo, and thrown weapons. Many players will miss this until they either see another player do the same or equip the claw feet item.

The claw feet thing permits you to run and move through grass segments, rapidly chopping down a wrap to uncover the things stowed away inside. Try to consistently obliterate the grass in an offered region to load up on genuinely necessary things and ammunition.

Tip 7 : Duct Tape and it’s importance

Super animal Royal duct tape

Duct Tape is an important item in the game. What Duct Tape does is that it repairs broken armor after a fight. You can hold upto 5 duct tape in a match but it is as important as heal in the battle royal match.

Duct tape can be found in crates, items boxes, from the grass, and simply lying around. Duct tape can be used to fix broken you found on the way. Broken armors are useless as they are not that much strong and can’t protect you much in a gun fight.

Tip 8 : Avoiding the Super Sunk Gas

Super animal Royal gas

Like the other battle royal games a zone chases you down from time to time and if you stay in that zone for too long you will die. Here Super Sunk Gas is the storm that chases and keeps getting smaller and smaller from time to time.

This storm comes in phases. First phase is slow and does less damage. As the phase goes on increasing similarly the damage increases and the storm moves at a faster pace. If you get caught in later phases you will probably be dead.

Tip 9 : Dodge Roll, The Ultimate Technique

Super animal Royal dodge roll

One of the best skill that you can practice in game is the Dodge roll. Some of the best things about this dodge roll is that you can easily evade attacks, dodge shots and quickly get to cover and most importantly you can move faster throughout the map.

You can use this technique as many times as you want. Once the animation is over just simply do it again and repeat. As in a battle royal you might encounter multiple enemies at once this technique comes handy here, and you can counter these enemies.

Tip 10 : Aim Practice Routine

Super animal Royal aim

Once you get comfortable with the game mechanics then there is only one thing left to do that is Aim Practice. Learning how to navigate battle scenarios is vital to winning. You can hop on to private servers and then learn the game and aim mechanics.

When you hop on to custom games just try these things out like fighting, dodging, healing, and staying alive until the end. Once you are sure you have improved jump into the battle royal game and dominate your enemies.

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