How To do Super Glide in Zenith: The Last City

Zenith: The Last City is a really fluid and beautiful VR experience. It is one of the few VR games that feel polished, and have real depth to the game thanks to actual mechanics built around the VR controls, to truly immerse you into the game.

One of these mechanics is gliding in-game. Once available, you can fly from one spot to another in exchange for stamina. But the default gliding in this game is too slow to be effective, so in this guide, we’re showing you how to glide faster using the Superglide technique.

Settings You Must Enable First

HOW TO SUPERGLIDE in Zenith VR 1 51 screenshot compressed

First of all, you will need to go to your settings by opening up your menu options and clicking on the VR headset icon on the bottom tile. Now you will have to locate the Gliding Setting in the middle. By default, this is set to basic so you will have to select the option next to it, that is Sensitive.

Steps for Supergliding

  1. Now if you want to dive down and gain some speed, just slightly tilt your hands forward and slow down and move upward, just tilt them backward.
  2. To make your gliding experience smooth, remember to tilt your hands slowly, and if you want to halt mid-air to take fights, you can just abruptly straighten your arms which gives you a stopping animation.
  3. To glide downwards with highly increased speeds, you need to find a slightly elevated platform for your take-off location, then jump off of it.
  4. Jumping off into a glide is important, or else you will get a normal glide.
  5. Once you jump off, you will need to control the angle of your glide with your left arm while you jab your left arm in and out.
  6. This might be tricky, but it propels you forwards at high speeds, and if used properly, you can reach higher elevated areas with the Superglide too.

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