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Super People Beginner Guide: Top 5 Survival Tips and Tricks

Super People is a new-gen battle royal where people control a super-soldier, each having their skills and special abilities. Like another battle royal, you have to survive and be the last one standing in solo or with the team in a squad.

Wonder People develop this game. This game was in beta earlier, but its final release date is not given yet. The map featured in this game is called orb island, so be sure to follow this guide and better understand the game.

Understanding the Map:

Super People Map

Just like other battle royal games, this game also features a dynamic map. There are phases in the game. With each phase, the map region gets smaller, and a player outside the circle or zone will receive damage, and this damage increases based on the phase.

The size of the circle depends on how many players are there in the lobby or the match. If the numbers of players in the lobby are less, then the circle will be smaller. With a smaller lobby, you get higher-tier loot, and your abilities recharge faster.

How to Level UP:

Super People

The leveling system is just like the other battle royal you may have played earlier, but there are some critical aspects on which you are awarded different XP points, and with this, you can level up your character/profile.

These aspects are :

  • Survival Time

As with other battle royal games, surviving the phases gives you more points than pushing and going for a high kill game(unless you win, you won’t get more XP). Survive and go through the faces to receive more points.

  • Number of kills

You also get points with each kill you get. It will be advantageous to get kills and survive, so the combination of both will get you extra points, and you will unlock your abilities faster which will help defeat enemies.

  • Consumption of super capsules

These capsules are mainly three colors: RGB is used to upgrade the same color tree, Black(also k/a White) is used to upgrade one random ability, and Gold upgrades anyone the random ability to its full potential.

Levels boost your stats, such as health. With extra focus on these aspects, you can reach level 10 to unlock the ultimate ability for your character. Super capsules are the best way to level up in this game unless you go for a high kill game.

Crafting Weapons and Gear

Super People Inventory

In another battle royal, you find high-tier gear through the loot. In super people, we can upgrade our gear by crafting high-tier items. With this upgrade, you can have a level 5 helmet, backpack, armor, and level 7 guns.

Every level 4 weapon has a perk. With each upgrade, you get one more perk, and after level 7, you get 4 perks. Each upgrade increases the rpm and damage power of guns. In the higher tier, this will have a more significant effect on these upgrades.

Recoil and Gunplay

People say recoil is much more complicated than PUBG. But it may not be accurate. Controlling recoil is all about practicing aim and how each gun’s recoil factor works. So you have to be patient and play the game more to learn it.

Gunplay works on how many tiers you are in and how much you have upgraded your weapons. Enemy-level gear also matters. Better ping also matters in terms of your bullet register, and the same goes for you.

Classes, Abilities and Ultimate

Super People Classes

A class system determines what type of ability, type of weapon specialization your character will have. When you enter a match there will a random combination will be of three given to you.

There are a total of 12 classes in the game. These abilities differ from aerial strike, flamethrower, teleport, gas smoke, slow nearby enemies, slow enemy fire rate, spawn monster truck, fog-like grenades, and more.

Gas SoldierFlamethrower
Gatling SoldierGatling Gun
Mobile StrikerDash
Tactical StrikeNuclear Strike
Shotgun MasterTank Shotgun
SeekerFast Slide
ExpertForce Master
Marine CorpsSea Fog
SwatPower Blackout
SniperThe Ruthless One-shot
DriverMonster Jeep

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