How to Switch from Twitch to Youtube Gaming (Streaming Guide)

Switch Platforms from Twitch to Youtube Gaming

Switching from one streaming platform to another can already be a difficult decision. Apart from the risk of losing your regular audience, which is basically your bread and butter, people are also skeptical to switch streaming platforms because of what happened to Mixer. There are plenty of stories of streamers making the hard decision to switch platforms from Twitch to Mixer only for the platform to shut down.

While it’s a difficult decision, if you’ve made one to switch from Twitch to Youtube Gaming, this article will help you with the things that you need to do. Assuming you’re using OBS studio(or Streamlabs) for live streaming, there is largely only one thing that you need to change for switching platforms.

How to start streaming on Youtube Gaming

The OBS streaming services require a specific stream key for you to be able to stream on any given account on any platform. So, things become a lot easier for you when you’re trying to switch platforms. All you need to do is, head over to settings, stream and change the server to Youtube and change the stream key to your Youtube Channel’s stream key. Here’s how to easily find your stream key on Youtube.

  • Open Youtube and login using the account that you want to use to stream. Click on your Avatar in the top-right and head over to Youtube Studio.
  • Once you’re on this screen, click on the Go Live button on the top right. It’s a symbol of some sort of antenna.
  • After you’ve done that, click on “Start” in the Right Now dialog box and then click on Go in the Streaming Software box.
  • Wait for the page to load in and you will see the stream key on the bottom left side of your screen. You can copy or reset this. Paste the stream key on your OBS and you can already start streaming on Youtube Gaming. Make sure you don’t reveal or share your stream key to any other person.

One thing that Youtube has over Twitch is that it provides a lot more flexibility on the platform itself. You can change a lot of settings when you are inside the Streaming Software window. Once you’ve changed your stream key and server, you can start streaming on Youtube using all of your existing screens and everything you built for your streams on Twitch.

Now that you know how to switch from Twitch to Youtube Gaming, here are a few tips you can follow in the process to minimize the risk.

Tips for Switching Streaming Platforms

  • First of all, you should have knowledge of Youtube terms. On Twitch, following someone is free while subscribing costs money. While on Youtube, Subscribing is the free option while Sponsor is the monthly subscription. Emotes work the same way on both the Platform and thankfully, Better TTV is available on Youtube now as well.
  • Make sure you announce your switch repeatedly on all of your Social Media platforms. While switching streaming platforms will most likely cost you a significant amount of your viewership, you can minimize it by reminding people who check your social media that you’re now on Youtube.
  • Try to have a decent amount of Subscribers on Youtube before switching. It is not recommended to make a brand new account on Youtube and switch to it. You need to give it a few months while announcing and plugging your channel, get a decent amount of Subscribers and then think of switching.

That is all for Switching platforms from Twitch to Youtube Gaming. Hope this article was helpful.

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