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[Fix] Nintendo Switch Sports Online Not Working Quick Fix

switch sports not working

Nintendo Switch Sports is the latest sports simulation game by Nintendo and features a variety of sports for you to enjoy with your friends. Currently the game has Soccer, Volleyball, Bowling, Tennis, Badminton, and Chambara that can be played with the motion sensons in the Joy-Con controllers.

The game has been praised for its responsive controls and quality of the games featured. The game has made very unique use of Nintendo Switch’s controllers and are used in different ways, the controllers are very accurate and are used for purposes such as adding a spin to the Tennis Ball or kicking a soccer ball.

But one thing that is bothering a lot of players is the online play as many players fail to connect to the servers to play the game with their friends online, this can be really annoying considering that the game is supposed to be a party game. Today we will be telling you about the potential fixes for this problem so that you can play the game online easily.

Steps to Fix Errors –

Restart Your Device

One of the most simple solutions that is always worth trying is just simply restarting your Nintendo Switch, many players have claimed that after several restarts they were able to connect to the online servers without any issues so we highly recommend you try doing this before anything else.

Update The Game

Another reason that you are not able to play the game online may be because your game is not up to date. There is a very simple way to update your game on Nintendo Switch.

  • Just go to the Game Icon
  • Use the Plus Button to select options
  • Choose Software Update option

Once your game is up to date you should not face any problems connecting online.

Try a Different Internet Connection

Some players have claimed that their game was not able to connect online with a certain connection but works on a different internet connection, if you have a second connection try using that to play the game.

Check Subscription

Just like on other consoles, you need an active subscription in order to play online. Make sure you have an active subscription before trying to play online.

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