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Swords Of Legends Online Complete Guide : Top 7 Tips and Tricks

Swords of Legends Online is an action MMORPG set in a breathtaking fantasy world with sophisticated combat mechanics and a unique storyline based on Chinese mythology. It was released on July 9, 2021, for Microsoft Windows.

It is developed by Wangyuan Shengtang Entertainment Technology CO. and published by
Gameforge 4D GmbH. This game features modes like Online PVP, Online Coop, and MMO. It is available only on windows.

This guide will talk about all the classes, the best class to choose, skill set, attributes, Levelling up, Life skills, Dungeons, and raids. Follow this guide to learn the game faster and level up your class/hero.

Tip 1 : All Classes

There are a total of six different classes. There are various combinations for different events, and you can try one. These six classes are:

Swords of legends online classes
ClassDifficultySpecial Skill
THE SPEAR MASTERNormalSummon a merchant for you and your allies.
THE REAPERHardTeleport to any location you have unlocked every 3 minutes.
THE BARDEasyProvides heal buff for everyone at the party.
THE SPELLSWORDNormal/HardTeleport 5 meters
THE BERSERKERHardTransform into a wolf which others can mount
THE SUMMONEREasy/NormalIncrease all stats by 10% for the 30s with a cooldown of 5 Minutes

The Spearmaster :

This class offers a lightning-fast spear attack, and countering it isn’t easy. They cut through the enemy ranks with deadly precision and steel discipline with years of hard work and training. Spearmaster is a loyal, reliable, and hard-working allies.

They are magnificent engineers, being able to create impressive machines and other crafts.

The Reaper :

As understudies of an antiquated school, Reapers obscure the limits among life and passing. Utilizing their amazing grass shearers, they rake across the war zone like a typhoon of obscurity.

Having looked in the background into the obscure, Reapers can control the energy of life itself, stirring partners to new powers and mending lethal wounds. Their association with the shadows permits them to sneak up on their adversaries off guard.

The Bard :

Bards have a profound and significant insight into music, realizing how to join the otherworldly notes of their instruments and open incredible spells. They utilize this wizardry to hit their adversaries in good ways or offer help and aid to their partners with incredible recuperating songs.

Their adaptability makes Bards a welcome expansion to any position. Whatever the circumstance, they generally strike the right harmony!

The Spellsword :

The Spellsword mixes destructive swordplay and amazing sorcery to turn into a compromising possibility at any reach. He can quickly switch among edges and damaging spells at the squint of an eye.

Spellswords are prepared for one reason, and one reason in particular – to exact harm on their adversaries, any place they may be.

The Berserker :

Berserkers feel generally comfortable in the main part of the brawl. Using their gigantic blades, they strike dread into their foes’ hearts while at the same time securing their partners. Berserkers can call upon a devoted wolf to help them.

Contingent upon the circumstance, they can act as a rampart in protecting foe assaults or releasing their force in a genuine tornado of annihilation.

The Summoner :

Summoners live in amicability with the world. Their significant information on the normal world makes them incredible partners, as they gather regular sprites to help them while they release old spells.

Their otherworldly recuperating capacities can frequently end up being the contrast between life and demise. However, Summoners aren’t restricted to recuperating obligations, being completely equipped for managing genuine harm in battle should the circumstance require.

Tip 2 : The Best Class To Choose

Swords of legends online guide

PvE refers to Player vs. Environment.

PvP refers to Player vs. Player.

DPS refers to Damage per Second

Model/ClassS TierA Tier B Tier C Tier D Tier F Tier
PvE ClassSpearmasterBardSpellsword rangedBerserker, Spellsword meleeSummonerReaper
DPS PvP ClassSpearmasterBardSpellsword rangedBerserker, Spellsword melee ReaperSummoner
DPS PvP Ranged ClassBardSpellsword RangedSummonerSpearmasterReaperSpellsword melee, Berserker
DPS PvP Melee ClassSpearmasterSpellsword meleeBerserkerReaperSummonerSpellsword ranged, Bard
DPS PvP Healer Class ReaperBardSummonerBerserkerSpearmasterSpellsword melee, Spellsword ranged

Tip 3 : Different Skill Set

There are skills in Sword Of Legend online.

Astral Essence :

It is an assortment of antiquated recollections borne by the spirits of every single living animal. Players are equipped for retaining both the unmistakable and overcast energies of paradise and earth, changing them into their own special Astral Essence.

Astral Points are procured by step up. When you arrive at the degree of Expert, you can likewise procure Astral Points as compensation for overcoming certain managers interestingly.

You can get to your Astral Essence Star Map with the default hotkey N at around Level 13 Beginner after you complete the fundamental Class-based storyline.

Glyph :

You can unlock the glyph by completing a quest. When on level beginner plain 36 and XP bar full, you receive a mail. You will hear a story, and depending on your class, you will be granted a skill.

Follow the portal to your class-specific training ground where you have to complete the quest, and when you complete this questline, you will have Student plain level 1. Start Sword Master Training. On completing the training quest, you will be given a Master Glyph Collection for your class.

Class Skills :

Each class has a different skill set which makes them dominant in their play style.

Class Skills
SpearmasterThe General, The Phalanx
ReaperThe Assassin, The Occultist
BardDissonance, Harmony
SpellswordThe Sword Artist, The Bladestorm
BerserkerThe Slayer, Drunken Master
SummonerNature’s Wrath, Nuwa’s Blessing

Tip 4 : Attributes

There are six attributes Stamina, Fortune, Power, Agility, Skill, Wisdom, out of which Power, Agility, Skill, & Mind are considered the main attributes.

Basic Attributes :

Gear LevelTotal Gear Level
StaminaIncrease HP
FortuneIncrease Concentration
AgilityIncreases Agility (Phy ATK, Phy Str, Crit Rate)
SkillIncrease Magic Attack, Increase Magic Power, Increase the chance of Magic Crit
WisdomIncrease Wisdom (Maic Atk, Magic Crit Rate, Healing Effect)

Attack Attributes

Physical AttackPhysical Damage Output
Magic AttackMagic Damage Output
Physical StrengthIncrease Physical Attack by %
Magic PowerIncrease magic attack by %
MasteryImproves mastery by %, Increases certain skills by %
Crit Hit RateIncrease the chance of Crits by % & Extra Crit Damage Increase. This stat is reduced in PVP
Perception (Accuracy)Increase concentration
Sprint (Haste)Increases sprint level. Reduced skill cooldowns, increase “Mana” regeneration, reduces charging time, and speed up DOT damage. Attack and healing mastery is reduced by PVP.
Total Phy AttackTotal Phy Attack
Total Mag AttackTotal Magic Attack
AggroIncrease Basic Aggro
Healing EffectIncreases Basic Healing

Defense Attributes

Phy Defence LevelReduces Phy Damage Taken by %
Mag Defence LevelReduces Magic Damage Taken by %
PVE Damage ReductionReduces Damage from NJPCs by %
Crit ResistanceIncreases Crit Resistance for both PVE and PVP
Prescience Rate (Dodge/Block Rate)Increase Prescience by
Prescience Effect (Dodge/Block Rate)Reduces damage from Prescience by %
Healing EffectIncreases healing effect by %

Mastery Attributes :

Defense UpgradeDefense increases by x with active tank mastery. Additional defense bonus increases by %
Attack UpgradeIncrease tank mastery (Increase attack depending on gear level with full defensive gear (not PVP gear)), healing mastery (increases attack depending on gear level with full healing gear), and DPS by Mastery by %
Increase AggroAggro increased by % with an active tank spec
Healing UpgradeHealing increases by % with an active healing spec

Other Attributes :

Movement SpeedIncrease movement speed by %
RegenerationIncreases regeneration rate by %
FortuneFate improves drop rate and item identification
Increased EXP GainIncreases EXP gain by %
Elixir BoostIncrease elixir effectiveness by %
Food Effect IncreasedIncrease attack/defense/support food effects by %
Cooking Boost% chance of increasing the effects of cooking
Master Chef% chance of increasing the number of meals
Food DurationIncrease food effect duration by x minutes

Tip 5 : Levelling up

Swords of legends online guide level up

Go through the primary story missions and the side story missions. This will assist you with having the opportunity to even out 13 decently fast. A few barriers in the game will expect you to step up and complete certain principle missions, so you should move them.

Cultivating the Forest of Yemo prison to get stuff and level up your person off chance that you wind up stuck at level 14 and can’t proceed with your movement. Memoirs do give you plentiful measures of XP.

So in case, you are adhered to and incapable of proceeding until you arrive at a specific level, make certain to finish biographies. Heroic exercises will have you do certain undertakings.

These can be anything from killing a chief or watering a few plants. These can give you some good XP, so make certain to do these. Leave the additional burdening ones.

Tip 6 : Life skills

Swords of legends online guide fishing

Different Like Skills in the game are: Fishing, Cooking, Gathering, Hunting, Crafting, and Housing.

Fishing is possible in any area where you can find a pond. The different pond offers different types of fish. Blue and Gold spots are the area for fish spots. Blue one is your personal spot which refreshes slowly compared to Gold ones, which are public spots.

Cooking requires recipes and cooking ingredients. You can gather cooking ingredients from fishing and gathering. Recipes can be bought from the reputation or general store or looted in dungeons or raids. They increase your PvP and PvE stats.

Gathering spots are also divided like fishing. Gathering products have 3 levels: Crude, Refined, Essence. The Gathering items can be crafted, which grants you a more effective gathering.

Hunting can be done on any map. Each map provides a different chest. There are two types of the chest. Material chests give you special items you can’t get from gathering, and Ingredients chests provide you with material for cooking.

Crafting can be done on various items like potions and gear. The items you gather from the above life skills are used for crafting. Crafted items can be sold.

Tip 7 : Dungeons and raids

Swords of legends online guide dungeons

The dungeons remember Yemo City for Wuzhao, Frostbitten Path, Nightmare Temple of Mercy, Chou Prison, and Raging River Ruins. Players will investigate some shocking, lovely, and at times lethal districts!

They’ll take part in an exciting activity MMO battle as they fight evil creepy crawlies in an underground maze, investigate a drenched, waterlogged jail complex, and clash (or lance to-stick) with a plague-ridden general in the vestiges of an annihilated sanctuary complex!

Each prison gives an inexorably troublesome test. Every prison has 5 to 10 players and elements various trouble levels just as managers and will challenge players simply setting out on their experience as far as possible up to those that have arrived at the level cap.

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