All Tele Tower Locations in Dinkum & How to Activate Them?


Both developed and published by “James Bendon”, Dinkum is a new addition to the sandbox genre, challenging the likes of Minecraft and Roblox. It also has some role-play elements in it, along with Co-Op opportunities and adventurous background.

Released on 14th July 2022, this game offers players the to start a new fair Dinkum life and build their new home out in the bush. It encourages exploring tropical eucalyptus forests, scorching deserts, and cool billabongs on an Island inspired by the wild Australian outback. In this article, we will discuss where All Tele Tower Locations in Dinkum are, and how to activate them.

All Tele Tower Locations

In total, there are 4 Tele Towers in Dinkum. You might have seen some wires broken, noises or buzzing near telecommunication towers. Repairing the towers gives access to fast travel, helping you save time, and play the game much easier.

How To Activate The Towers

You will need the following things in order to activate a tower.

  • Green Board 3x
  • Hot Cylinder 2x
  • Smooth Slate 1x
  • Bright Wire 8x
  • Shiny Disc 1x
Dinkum Tele Tower Required Items for Teleport

After gathering all of this, place it in the middle of the tower and a purple light will pop up along with a map. If this is your first tower, nothing will happen except the glow. If it is not the first one, a map will open up, allowing you to teleport to the other towers.

Where Are The Towers

The towers are spread across all the four poles of the map. They are in North, South, East, and West. Here is a map to help pinpoint them. After you repair all of the towers, you could travel much easier on the vast map.

Dinkum Tele Tower Locations

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