Temtem – Early Game Tips & Tricks to know (Beginner Guide)

Temtem is a creature-collecting adventure with massive multi-player elements. Take your Temtem crew, and seek adventure in the magnificent Airborne Archipelago. In this RPG, you will travel the Airborne Archipelago creature and battle your way, gathering new fighters by continuously pitting your squad against other creature tamers.

Temtem is more than just a Pokémon clone, so there is enough to confuse both beginners and veterans. With a few pointers we discovered throughout our first few hours with the game, we’ll help you get going with this brief tutorial.

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Explore new areas in Archipelago

Explore every single island in the archipelago and wander off the beaten route. Outside of the main plot, there are plenty of tasks with great prizes and exciting lore, and some Kudos will require you to have been to every area. Players can unlock a Mount once they arrive in Arbury, making moving even simpler.

Your in-game map comes in handy to display a variety of information, but it does not display a location’s name. You can see the complete map when you look at it, but you won’t be able to tell where Zadar or Arissola are on it. You are responsible for knowing where these locations are on the map so, make it a point to look at the map and take note of your location.

Don’t expect to always win in combat, learn the fundamentals first

Due to the difficulty of combat in the Archipelago, it is of utmost importance to train a variety of Tems. Aside from the fact that there is no RNG in combat, you must gain enough knowledge about the many Temtem types and how they stack up against each another.

This includes the Status Conditions which are active, what gear the other Tems are wearing, and whether you have enough stamina to attack. These are just a few things you’ll need to be aware of during combat. To become the best Trainer, do not be scared to change your Tems while in battle, and keep a steady eye on your Battle Log.

Saving Resources

You’ll discover soon that the game’s currency, or pansun, doesn’t come by easily. It’s difficult to make a lot of money, and yet it’s simple to lose it all if you lose to a tamer or buy too many things which you don’t need. Not that you shouldn’t purchase things, but you should always keep a supply of about 500 pansuns on hand. Also, keep in mind that after exchanging Temtem with another tamer, there is a 10-day ban on any character resets.

A Temtem’s rings should be observed

When you choose a Temtem in combat, one of three coloured rings should be visible. The ring will be white in colour if you haven’t caught a Temtem that matches the species of Temtem you’re battling. The ring might still be white if you have captured a species of the opposing Temtem you’re fighting. This indicates that the chosen method will deal standard or neutral damage. The technique will induce half damage if the colour of the ring is red, and double damage if the colour is green.

Look out for the side quests

Temtem is an MMO (Massively Online Multiplayer), and quests are a very common feature of MMOs. There are numerous side quests available in addition to the main quests, which are important to go through Temtem’s narrative. These types of missions typically only require one or two steps and don’t last for long. Your main quest will be the one at the top of the list on the right side of the screen, and your active side quests are the ones with exclamation marks next to them.

Understand Types and their Strengths as well as Weakness

Temtem features a sophisticated system of type-based strengths and weaknesses. These types resemble those found in Pokémon, including Earth, Crystal, and Mental. Knowing what works and what doesn’t can help you conclude conflicts faster because each technique (attack) has its own type as well. Also learn to decipher the red and yellow attack circles, which serve as visual cues to battle modes.

Adventuring with your pals / Battle against your friends online

Tips and tricks to enjoy Temtem

If you’re wandering in the Temtem world with a friend named Tamer, you can add them as a friend by going to the menu, choosing the icon with two people, and then going to the Friends page. Alternatively, you can use the Tamer search tool to enter your friend’s login ID and make a friend request from there. And once your friend accepts your friend request, you can challenge them to social or competitive battles by viewing a summary of their character and Temtem team by inspecting these.

Cooperative play is possible throughout the whole campaign, with communication taking place via chat and emotes. A friend list is also available for trading, looking over, watching, and joining battles with Tamers. Within Temtem, clubs are essentially guilds. These include a private chat feature and your own Club name and logo. You can also participate in the Dojo Wars, a massive player-versus-player activity, if your Club is full of competitive players, and you can fight for possession of a Dojo.

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