The Callisto Protocol: How To Get Retro Prisoner Skin Easily

callisto protocol cover

The Callisto Protocol is a survival horror game developed by Striking Distance Studios and published by Krafton. It was released on December 2 2022 and is proudly directed by Glen Schofield.

In the Callisto Protocol, the player assumes the role of a character called Jacob Lee who is an inmate of a prison called the Black Iron on the moon Callisto, yes the space one. The game is pretty futuristic and also controllable from a third-person’s perspective.

The game’s story follows Lee who is sent to a prison on the planet of Callisto and is fighting an infectious prisoner which some mysterious disease. The game overall has a lot of levels and puzzles while the player fights off the infected prisoners.

callisto protocol

The game consists of a lot of weapons and characters who have crazy customizations like skins and clothing skins like the retro prison skin which is pretty famous as of now and a lot of players are trying to get their hands on it as we speak. This guide will tell you how to obtain and use this skin in the Callisto protocol.

retro prison skin – the Callisto protocol

retro prison skin

One of the more popular skins which the players are keen to get their hands on is the retro prisoner skin which luckily can be obtained if you preordered the game. If you pre-ordered the game and paid for it, you already will have the option of getting the skin and making it a part of your inventory, if not then here is what you can do.

Let’s admit it, not all of us must have pre-ordered it so, you have to get any one of the three titles released and are out there for purchase and then follow these steps:

  • Go to options in the main menu
  • Go to the gameplay option where you will find the character skin option
  • Select it and you can see all the skins that you OWN and the retro skin will be one of them.
  • Hover over the skin and press to select and put in on Jacob!

what do you get by owning the skin

Nothing actually since the skin doesn’t really enhance your combat capabilities or give you any superpower too, but it makes the prison mission more unique and fresh and this adds a layer of excitement that may not have been there if it hadn’t for the retro prison skin!

Check out the game here

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