The Cycle Frontier: Best Early Game Loadouts for Beginners


The cycle frontier is a very unique game. Featuring an immersive PvPvE first person shooter, it quickly gained popularity. In the game players grind for resources and other riches on an abandoned alien world ravaged by a deadly storm, inhabited by monsters and frequent raids.

There game provides its players with a wide variety of guns and other items which players can combine to make multiple loadouts. This is a guide on beginner early-game loadouts which aren’t as resource-intensive.

Popular Early game loadouts:

cycle frontier title image

Choosing the right combination of guns can be daunting given the plethora of options. But these are some of the most common loadouts which have been tested and continue to be high value.

C – 32 Bolt action + K-28 Pistol

C 32 Bolt Action

This combination is the bread and butter of most new players. The C-32 Bolt action is a very dependable yet powerful gun and the K-28 pistol is the go-to first buy since it is barely 500 K-Marks.

Manticore (2x scope) + enough ammo


This is the most versatile gun in the early levels. It can match up to most other guns in PVP at close and medium range and when equipped with a 2x scope you can use it for PVE as a long range weapon too.

KM-9 Scrapper + C-32 Bolt action

km 9 scrapper

A small change here but the KM-9 scrapper is a fully automatic SMG that is lethal at close range and can take down veterans with ease. Well worth the investment, when combined with a C-32 Bolt action it ensures players can take fights at any range.

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