The Cycle: Frontier Evacuation Locations

In The Cycle: Frontier, unlike traditional battle royales, you don’t drop into the game simultaneously with every other player and engage in combat until only one player is left standing. Instead, servers are active all day, allowing gamers to join, top off their tasks, and leave whenever they’re done.

Players find themselves on Fortuna III, a deserted planet, completing extraction quests and missions while collecting loot and resources. The alien world is driven by immense danger and surprises.

How to Evac in The Cycle: Frontier

Red arrow icons on your map, the yellow lights, and audio beeps when you approach a site are the indicators that you are close to an evacuation point. You are only given two evac sites at the beginning of each game or mission, so keep that in mind. Normally, the opposing extremities of the map are home to both of these places.

You can request an evacuation ship to transport you back to Prospect Station once you are at an evacuation spot. You can simply request a new evac ship at no cost if you miss the first one.

An evacuation ship will appear anywhere on the globe map and start sailing toward you as soon as you start a distress call. When the evacuation ship finally arrives, you will have to wait a short while after it touches down before the doors are unlocked. Just board the aircraft at this time, and a siren will alert you that your departure has been announced.

The total time required to finish the evacuation process is around a minute. There is a chance that nearby enemies are working together to remove you in an unanticipated way because the evacuation zone makes such a lot of noise.

Evac Locations in The Cycle: Frontier


Bright Sands Evac Locations

  • There are two evacuation points at The Waterfall Lab. They are both on the northern boundary, looking out over the lake.
  • Leave the abandoned mine and head south on the trail, and you’ll find an evac point.
  • An evacuation site is located just south of the Dig Site.
  • On the edge of the map, above the primary Dig Site, in the northernmost portion of the Jungle, there is an evacuation spot.
  • The Communications Tower has one as well.
  • A little to the northwest of the Rock Pools is an evacuation point.
  • West of the Swamp, there is another evacuation point.
  • An evacuation site is available at the South West Collection Point.
  • The East Collection Point has a separate evacuation site.
  • At the heart of the Base Camp, there is another evac location.
  • To locate an evacuation spot on the main trail, proceed north of the Water Facility.
  • Between the Science Campus and the Water Facility, there is also an evacuation point.
  • One more evacuation site is located just to the north of the Science Campus.
  • Southeast of the Vaccine Labs is another evacuation point.
  • The final evac point is northeast of the South East Uplink or southwest of the Vaccine Labs.

Crescent Falls Evac Locations

  • There is an evac point just north of the Hay Fields, and the first one is right near the Pumpkin Fields.
  • A little to the east of the Hay Fields, there is another evacuation point.
  • There is an evacuation facility at the Starport Admin.
  • The Jungle Thermal Ponds have an evac spot right in the middle of them.
  • There is an evacuation site at The Greens Prospect.
  • An evacuation site is located a little southwest of the Fallen Tree.
  • Another evacuation location is located on the border of the Jungle Thermal Ponds, a little northwest of the Base Camp Power Up Room.
  • There is an evacuation site in the Osiris Wildlife Preserve.
  • There is an evac point at the Lakeside Building.
  • There is an evacuation point at the Skeleton Observation Site.
  • An evacuation point is located directly outside the Root Rock Tunnel.
  • There is an evacuation location in the Geothermal Plant Power Up Room.
  • Between the Lagoon Thermal Ponds and the Nutrion Farms Processing, there is an evac point on the property.

The game is being loved by players and is available on Steam and the Epic Games Store to download.

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