The Quarry Cheats: How can you cheat in The Quarry? (Guide)

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The Quarry has a bunch of options in it through which not only the game can be tweaked, but also made substantially a lot more easier even during MID-Game for more simplicity and to enhance your experience as a player. It contains a bunch of options that make the game easier. 

Rather than a standard “Easy Mode,” players can access the Accessibility options to lower the issue. These toggles should help make the game easier to play for more people, which is often nice to determine. Read on for the total list of The Quarry cheats.

Complete List of The Quarry CHEATS:-

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Cheat Toggle Menu
  • Switch on Aim Assist:-
    • Aiming the shotgun on different enemies and scenarios can be very tricky when under pressure or during sudden spontaneous cut scenes. If your aim isn’t accurate enough, enabling Aim Assist can help save the day and many characters(However some have to die…….for the sake of story progression).
  • Increasing Interrupt Speed:-
    • This will essentially give you more time to react to different sudden in-game elements and interrupt them where it sometimes is very hard to just depend on your reflexes.
  • Increasing the choice timer duration:-
    • Though users can just pause the game in the blink of an eye, you can increase the Choice Timer. It’s another good way of buying more time for those tough moments where players must make tough decisions.
  • Disable Button Mash:-
    • Mashing buttons can be tough not only for some users but also for you poor controller and keyboard T_T, not to mention loud(by loud I mean…..PRETTY LOUD !!!). Make it to a button hold to complete mashing sequences more easily(and save your fingers and the controller).
  • Decrease QTE(Quick Time Event) Speed:-
    • For those players who can’t quite react in time to the default QTE speed, increasing this option is a good idea(To give a more slow-motioned Bullet Time feel).
  • Switch to Simple QTEs controls:-
    • If the directional QTEs and other button are causing difficulty for you to handle, switching to Simple QTEs could offer some relief and ease of access into the game.

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