Thymesia: How to Upgrade Potions Recipes Easily (Guide)


The once thriving Kingdom of Hermes has fallen to an age of calamity. Thymesia is an action-RPG game released on 18th August 2022. It involves dark souls-like action RPG elements and gives users a familiar, yet gruesome experience.

Take a look at the Thymesia how to upgrade potion recipes and all the recipes in the game. I will also show you how you can craft a potion and explain how to do it.

How to access the Potions Menu

  • You can go to a Respawn Beacon, and that gives you the option to go to the options tab.
  • Or if you are in your hub station, you can come to the crafting table, and access the potions tab.
thymesia potions

Types of Potions

There are three types of potions in Thymesia. General, Long-lasting, and Fast-acting. You get the General Potion at the beginning of the game, and you unlock the rest after you beat the Sea of Trees and the Royal Garden’s bosses.

  • General Potion – It has 100% health and energy recovery effectiveness, and acts immediately.
  • Long-Lasting Potion – It has 150% health and energy recovery effectiveness, and acts over a period of time.
  • Fast-acting Potion –  It has 50% health and energy recovery effectiveness. Its effects are immediate. The number of potions you can carry increases significantly.

How To Obtain Alchemy Enhancers in Thymesia

Alchemy enhancers are used to upgrade the potions at beacons. It would help if you defeated the mini-bosses at each level to obtain them. They will take less damage from your attacks as compared to the standard mobs and deal damage to you. After killing them, you will receive an Alchemy Enhancer. There are a limited number of Alchemy Enhancers as mini-bosses won’t come back to life.

How To Use Alchemy Enhancers in Thymesia

You have to reach the beacon and choose your preferred potion. You need to have Alchemy Enhancers in order to upgrade your potions.  You can increase the number of potions you carry with you, and the health you recover. You can also unlock up to 3 additional ingredient slots for extra effects. 18 Alchemy Enhancers are required to upgrade a potion fully. After each upgrade, the same would cost much more.

Source: Steam

How To Use Potion Ingredients

While playing the game, you will find many ingredients in places, by killing enemies. You can use ingredients for many purposes. For example, Thyme lets you gain your energy back. Cinnamon increases the damage by 30 seconds. Sage increases the amount of health you can recover.

This was how to upgrade and use potions in Thymesia.

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