Genshin Impact: Tiangong Gorge Luxurious Chest Location

In Genshin Impact, near Chasm, there are many smaller areas where different kinds of loot like upgrade items, collectibles, and luxurious chests can be found. Finding them is very easy if a player likes to search and explore the game world.

But to find Tiangong Gorge Luxurious Chest can be a little tough. In this guide, we are gonna tell you how you can find the Tiangong Gorge Luxurious Chest.

Tiangong Gorge Luxurious Chest in Genshin Impact

To find this Luxurious Chest, you have to go to the north side of The Chasm: Main Mining Area.

how to find tiangong gorge luxurious chests

Just enter the mine and go to the location which is marked on the map and for this, you have to go down and down through doors and bridges.

As you go down, at one corner you will get an interaction option. Interact with that point, you will be teleported to the Luxurious chest near Tiangong Gorge.

Just open the chest and open the door. And now you have earned some more resources. Hope you are satisfied with the details and guide. Share your feedback with us.

Additional: You will find at least two wooden mine doors and two bridges while going toward the point. When you will go down from the second bridge, you will find the interaction point.

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