Top 5 Tips for Wobbledogs on Nintendo Switch


Wobbledogs is a 3D Pet-Simulator Sandbox game developed by Animal Uprising and published by Secret Mode. Released on 28th January 2021 primarily for PC via Steam, Wobbledogs is now coming to the Nintendo Handheld, Switch, on 17th November 2022. It is currently available for $20 as a Pre-Order.

In this game, players raise their own hive of mutating dogs, which can be physically simulated down to its organs! Created with all ages in mind, Wobbledogs gives players a carefree and unique pet simulator to deal with!

Source: Steam

In this article, we will discuss the best tips for players playing this game using the Nintendo Switch. For more content regarding game guides that involve tips, tricks, and tutorials, visit our Guides Tab.

Wobbledogs Top 5 Tips

Source: Steam

Make sure to follow all of the steps on your Nintendo Switch for a chill and wonderful experience!

  • Change Your Dog Using Food – You can use certain foods to feed your dog in order to alter how your dogs look. You should look into the discovered gut flora and fauna to find the preferred food and its side effects.
  • Decorate Your Room Using Fence Tab – You can use this tab on the bottom-right side of the screen to decorate your room, and the play tab to get back into the game.
  • Make Your Dog Invincible – Click on the gear on the top-right hand corner-> Go to options-> Click on Gameplay Settings-> Uncheck Dog Death
  • Don’t Forget To Save! – Make sure to save your game in order to continue the game if you have to quit. You can click on the gear icon and then click on Save.
  • Go Crazy! – You can create any kind of dog, any kind of mutation, and a dog of every shape and size possible. Don’t limit yourself in this sandbox game, and go crazy!
Source: Steam

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