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Top 10 Best Weapons To Use In Elden Ring 2022

The time has finally arrived. FromSoftware’s latest game, Elden Ring is almost about to be released on 24th February. The game is one of the most anticipated releases of 2022, a year filled with major releases.

The developers are known for the amount of diversity in their games, and it seems like Elden Ring would be no different. With so many types of weapons to wield in the game, players will be left wondering what weapons they should choose. Due to this, we have decided to tell you about the strongest weapons in the game we know of so far.

Top Ten Weapons in Elden Ring

So here is a list of 10 weapons that you can’t go wrong with-

  1. Reduvia Dagger – Daggers are short ranged weapons that focus on mobility rather than damage, Reduvia is undoubtedly the game’s best known dagger with its great weapon art and damage.
  2. Uchigatana – One of the most balanced weapons in the game and one of the best katanas found in the game. With bleeding effects and solid damage Uchigatana is one of the most efficient weapons you can grab early on.
  3. Greataxe – Greataxes have been one of the most popular weapons in the Souls series. With their high damage and great strength scaling, greataxe is one of the best go to weapons for any strength build.
  4.  Dismounter– Dismounte is a Curved Greatsword weapon that does Slash damage with the Normal Skill and scales with both strength and dexterity. It is an overall solid pick. Players will also be able to style on their foes using its slash weapon art so thats always a plus point.
  5. Banished Knight’s Halberd – Halberd has been one of the most played weapons in the series and known for their efficiency in various speedruns in prior FromSoftware titles. In Elden Ring halberds are still a great pick with their high damage output and decent range. What makes the banished knight’s Halberd so great is its attack – Spinning Strikes Ashes of War which allows players to even block projectiles.
  6. Ordovis’ Greatsword – One of the best Greatswords with one of the coolest weapon arts in the game. The weapon art of this weapon allows you to swing your sword for a powerful energy strike, dealing area of effect damage to nearby enemies.
  7. Cipher Pata – Fists as a class of weapons has been often neglected by the players in the Souls Series but that doesnt mean they are not good. Cipher Pata is one of the best fist weapons found in the game however the requirements to wield the weapon are very high. So if you want to wield this weapon, start putting points in faith right away.
  8. Grafted Blade Greatsword – Wielding this weapon is no easy task, you will require a minimum of 40 strength to be able to use this weapon. But if you manage to meet its high requirements, Grafted Blade Greatsword will reward you with one of the highest damage outputs in the game.
  9. Twinblade – Another great pick for players will be the Twinblade, with its quick moves and spinning attacks. The weapon is also great while on horseback and is the best dual edged swords you can wield in the game.
  10. Club – This weapon might not be as fancy as some of the others in this list but it is wtill one of the most well rounded weapons in the game and will not betray you in crucial situations.

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