TOP 10 Best Tips and Tricks to Build Base in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid an open-ended horror game is probably the most popular survival game on Steam now. This open-world game provides you with a lot of real-life things to do, building a mansion and surviving for life is among one of these.

To build your own very well-equipped base in Project Zomboid need the players to focus on a few things beforehand. Here this guide will help you build your mansion with the tools, foraging food, and all that you need for longer survival.

Top 10 tips that you should be aware of to build your base in Project Zomboid:


To build your base you will, of course, need dozens of tools to help you build. Let’s begin with an Axe. You will need an axe to chop down trees which can be crafted by combining chipped stone with a branch and a rag. Next, you will need is a saw to cut the woods. A hammer and nails are the essential tools for building anything. Another thing to make sure of is that you cover your windows with sheets so that zombies don’t spot you. This is especially vital while you’re sleeping because zombies might appear out of nowhere. Sheets may also be used to produce bandages, which come in use after you’ve been injured during a zombie apocalypse.

Other important things that you need are a wrench, a screwdriver, a shovel to dig furrows for planting crops, propane torches, a welder’s mask and last but not least a Sledgehammer.


After having selected the tools, the next step is to select a location for a home base. While selecting the best location which can be quite difficult sometimes, water, food and safety should be the player’s priority. Easy access to water will save lots of problems in the long run, like fishing, watering the crops, or boiling them for clean drinkable water. A forest nearby for trapping and foraging will help you stockpile food for winters. Also, make sure that your new base has proper road access since you will need to go on loot runs all across Knox County.


Water is the key thing for survival and being near a river or a pond can be the best thing. For fresh drinking water, build a small or large rain collector barrel to store clean drinkable water at your base.


Besides looting there are four ways to produce your food- farming, fishing, foraging and trapping. Farming can be the easiest way to obtain food but crops require time to grow. A water source nearby will help immensely to water the crops and adding fertilizers will provide an extra growth boost to the crops.

If a zombie dies near your crops, the blood might seep into the plants, causing them to become ill. Zombies can also stroll across your crops, causing harm to the vegetation.
Practice space management to keep zombies from destroying all of your plants. Keeping small groups of crops two or more spaces apart is a fantastic technique to assure that if one group falls sick, the others won’t get it.

Look for a pond nearby and start fishing using worms or bugs as bait to your fishing pole. Try to search for food like mushrooms and berries too and store them for later.


Since you have collected enough food and you cannot eat them raw, you need to learn how to prepare them, or else you will die of starvation. There are multiple ways to cook without electricity, like using campfires, charcoal barbeques, or antique ovens. Then you will require some lighters or matches to initiate the fire and cook the food. The antique oven here helps a lot as they are safe to be used indoors and provide warmth in winters.

Another way is to get propane barbecues which are fueled by propane and do not require a lighter to start them. But the worst part is that propane barbeques are hard to find. For the time you don’t have electricity use the antique oven. When you have electricity in your new home you can use ovens or microwaves with nice alarms to cook your food.


The sleeping part is pretty much certain. Sleep quality can be bad, average, or good. You can check the sleep quality by right-clicking on the bed. The easiest way for installing a bed is by stealing one from your neighbors and bringing it over, keeping in mind that you don’t get caught.


The winter is help and so is the urge to stay warm or else you are catching a cold. Most importantly get some winter clothing and warm yourself next to a campfire.
An antique oven is your saving grace here which can cook food and provide warmth as well. You can find one in certain areas of the map. Also prepare a box of scrapwood logs and dirty racks to throw on the fire.


Without an electric supply, everything can be so dull and useless. After having your base pretty much prepared, search for two generators and a manual guide to help you use the generator. Connect the first generator to a nearby gas station and the second to your home. Electricity is the only way to keep your food fresh for longer periods by freezing it in the refrigerator. Make sure to turn off the generator while you are not at home as generators can easily run out of fuel.


The best place to stay safe is upstairs but make sure to destroy the stairs with a sledgehammer so that no zombie can ever get you. Try not to make windows on the ground floor or else cover them properly.

You can also place items like big dumpsters in front of walls to confuse zombies. Putting some broken glasses in some places can work as a warning signal.


What is the use of the entire planning if you don’t have an escape plan with you! When you build your mansion, you need to keep in mind an escape plan with only one entry but multiple way-outs that you can run for your life during the zombie apocalypse.
Placing the robes from the upstairs window is a nice plan but make sure to place extra sheet robes from the windows. You can use these as a freeway to exit your base when the situation worsens. Stay on the second floor and destroy the stairs below with a sledgehammer.

Make sure that you don’t pick up everything while looting but the nails and sheets are the utmost necessities. You have a limited inventory, just like in any other survival game, however, this one is dependent on weight.

All in all this game is a perfect horror survival game that tests your surviving skills to live. Once you lose, you can embark again on a new journey and try to survive longer. The game is a real adventure for saving your life as long as you can from the zombies or else you are the next!

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