Top 5 Best Weapons in Tower Of Fantasy You Must Have

Here is the list of the Top 5 best weapons in the tower of fantasy. Since its launch, Tower Of Fantasy has become one of the most loved games in the arena. Leaving gen shin impact far behind, Tower Of Fantasy is filled with all kinds of stuff that we gamers love to have.

But the most important thing that everyone loves is in-game weapons, and we have the list for Top 5 best weapons in Tower of Fantasy

There are many activities in the game, ranging from solo and group PVE to PVP, but there are a few weapons that stand out above the rest. Unlike other PVP and Rpg. The Tower of Fantasy works on character. As you increase the level of your beloved character, the weapons will also upgrade. Now we have done enough chit-chat, let’s move to the weapons.

Our Tower of Fantasy weapons lists rates all weapons based on their overall performance in all game modes, including their skills, power, and performance.

EM Stars

tower of fantasy characters Samir

If you like ninja stuff and love to play with light weapons but with great damage, this one is for you it produces an explosion if hit on the opponent and deals critical damage in lightweight and mobility factor it’s the best on our list


tower of fantasy characters echo 1 1

As the lengthy name suggests, it is quite a large weapon in TF losing the mobility factor it deals great damage to the opponent and even can deal large-range attacks also helps as a shield breaker.

Icewind Arrow

Let’s go little medical style with the bow-arrow combo, but it is not just a bow arrow it is an ice bow arrow freezing the opponent with a hit not best for large range attacks but one of the best if the opponent is freezer you can apply multiple discharges on them


tower of fantasy characters Crow

If you love short-range weapons and can chop opponents like a pulp then this is the right weapon to use. Being lightweight with electrical damage this one can slice through the opponent like butter also it can break through the shield making the opponent vulnerable to the hits.

The Terminator

tower of fantasy weapons 9

Well everyone likes to have a bigger gun in their inventory so they can eliminate the opponent with a click, but the sad news is it is best for beginners for does little damage and break the shield of the opponent. It is only a big show-no-go once you start achieving levels in the games.


That’s all we have for you in this Top 5 best weapons in Tower of Fantasy, so put it to good use as a novice. After all, picking the greatest weapon can lead to a guaranteed triumph in the game because it grants you the most powers, and we propose that you always use SSR weaponry to perform your best. And use this guide to learn what you can accomplish with each.

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