Top 10 Building Tips & Hacks in Minecraft Without Mods 2022

When you ask the Minecraft building community about a certain problem you’re facing or an idea that you have for a build, they will always direct you towards a specific mod. Mods are a big thing in Minecraft because they make things so much easier.

But, what about the Vanilla enjoyers out there that have taken an oath to not use any mods? We’ve got you. Here are some of the Top Building Hacks in Minecraft without Mods.

Top Building Hacks in Minecraft

The Food Pet

Food Pets – Screenshot from Skip the Tutorial

Yes, you heard it right, you can have your own food pet on a leash in Minecraft. To do this, you need a fox, a leash, and any food that the fox can hold in her mouth.

An avid Minecraft gamer found out that if you put food in a fox’s mouth while it’s on your leash and make it invisible using a potion, the fox will disappear but the food stays visible. This makes it look like you have your own food pet.

But make sure you remember that this food pet is a carnivore and isn’t advised to be taken around your pet chickens.

Water Lotus

We’ve all seen little leaves floating in the water that can be used by frogs to sit on, but they don’t really add to the vibe of your design now, do they? One of the Top Building Hacks in Minecraft will let you have a water lotus.

All you need for this is to place a war trap door in the water facing upwards and then place an item frame with a honeycomb inside it. After this, add a Brain Coral fan and you will get yourself a fan-made water lotus.

Flying Platforms

While flying platforms sound like a thing that you can only do through mods, that’s just not true. With one of the Building Hacks in Minecraft, you can use certain commands to make your own flying platforms.

These can also be used for challenges where you can hit a target that makes the platform move further which can make a really cool parkour challenge.

Chest Boats

Since the community got tired of waiting for Mojang to make chest boats, they’ve made some of their own using the summon command. This being one of the top building hacks in Minecraft, you can just drag your boat underneath a chest and then use the summon command to place the chest minecart at the back of your boat. And you can put your stuff in this chest just fine too! This was found by Misticat.

Vanilla Conveyor Belt

This one is for all of you people who love building huge farm designs. You can have your own conveyor belt in Vanilla Minecraft using Pistons. These Pistons can be placed in different ways to move dropped items around and it can all be done without a mod. Arguably one of the most Quality-of-Life building hacks in Minecraft.

Vanilla Art

There is a way in Minecraft to get transparent art in your inventory and then place it wherever you want. To do this, head to the void and make your art there. This makes it so your image will not have any background and you can place it anywhere you want without any mods making it one of the best Building hacks in Minecraft for people who love art.

Water Splash

Water Splash – Screenshot from Skip the Tutorial

The waterfall in Vanilla Minecraft looks really dull because it has no splash at the bottom of the waterfall. By using a command block for particle effects, you can create some sort of explosions that can look like water splash from far away making it a top building hacks in Minecraft without the use of a mod.

SuperSpeed Minecart Rails

Building Hacks in Minecraft
SuperSpeed Rains – Screenshot from Skip the Tutorial

While making a rail in a square shape can be convenient for some people, sometimes, you just need the speed to get from one place to another using Minecart Rails. This can be done by making the rails circular and very close together. This increases your cart speed by over 100% so while it might take a while to understand how to make these, it’s definitely worth it for faster farming and transport.


Yes, there is nothing else needed for the heading. Mojang does not like to add chairs in their game, for some reason. So the players have made their own, making it one of the top Building Hacks in Minecraft, because, who doesn’t like chairs? This can be done by using the Llama because of their L shape and then just using a disappearing portion and fixing them with some banners to get yourself a chair in Vanilla Minecraft.

No Fall Damage

Powdered snow in Minecraft removes all the fall damage that a player would take while falling from a great height. This happens even if there is a carpet on top of it. So, you can use this to make cool designs and you can look at them while you jump on top of them and take no damage whatsoever.

One-sided glass

This is by far one of the coolest hacks in the top building hacks in Minecraft. Sometimes, you just want to get the feel of watching prisoners when they can’t see you. This can be achieved by placing some tinted glass blocks as a wall and have a lot of light on the side that you want to see and no light on the side that you want to be invisible.

With that, we’re done with all the building hacks in Minecraft. Hope this article was helpful.

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