Top 25 Best Easy Minecraft Cottage Ideas For Built 2022

Minecraft is the most legendary game in the whole history of games. As it provides unlimited building and exploring freedom, the possibilities become endless for the player. Now, it depends on the player, whether it wants to create or explore.

But this block is for creators. Who want to create some new builds in their beautiful worlds, but do not get the idea of what they should make. So, here we are, this blog can spark your inspiration and will help you create something unique.

Fairy Aesthetic Cottage ~ By Kelpie The Fox

Fairy Aesthetic Cottage (source: Kelpie the Fox)

This eye-catching design is created by Kelpie The Fox. He had created such an awesome design that is magnificent. An open cottage in meadows with a roof of trees and lanterns gives us the vibe of a fairy tale. Do check it out.

Forest Cottage ~ By Zaypixel

Forest Cottage (Source: Zaypixel)

This magnificent design of a farmhouse, in the middle of a forest with a setting sun, will give a vibe to movie scenes. You can watch the tutorial on the official channel of Zaypixel. Do check it out.

SpruceWooods Cottage ~ By Dio Rods

Sprucewoods Cottage (Source:
Dio Rods)

In the deep dark forests of long and creepy Sprucewood trees, Dio Rods have created a beautifully decorated cottage. Which may feel very exciting to have and visit. You can watch the full tutorial of this build on his youtube channel. This house is easy to make and looks great with shaders.

Forest Edge Cottage

Mid Forest Cottage (Source: SheepGG)

Suppose you like a lot of greenery and luckily you have a big forest near your spawn. It will give you a great chance to create your dream house on the starting border of a forest. Just like SheepGG, who created this magnificent build. You can find the full tutorial video on his official youtube channel.

Riverside Cottage ~ By Minecraft Hub

Riverside Cottage (Source: MinecraftHUB)

Having a multi-story cottage is a dream build of every Minecrafter. And if we can find a perfect location, where plains, mountains, and river, everything is in your favor. Then why wait, just build your dream house just like MinecraftHUB. You can check the full tutorial on the official channel of Minecraft Hub on youtube.

Medieval Cottage Designs ~ By BlueNerd Minecraft

1. Simple Cottage

Medieval Cottage

2. Stone Wood Cottage

3. Classic Wood Cottage

These three beautiful designs of medieval era houses by BlueNerd Minecraft are very simple to build, very classy, and look good when built in the natural geography of Minecraft. You can check out its tutorial on his official Youtube Channel.

Mushroom House

Mushroom Cottage (Source: Chickenchats)

Some epic gamers want to add some aesthetic builds to their world. This Mushroom cottage is a creative thought, and you can recreate any kind of natural object in Minecraft as different house designs. Check out the chickenchats for more such Minecraft builds.

By Spudetti

1. Small Medieval house

Small Medieval House (Spudetti)

Check out Spudetti for a tutorial on Small Medieval House.

2. Underground Cottage

Underground Cottage (Source: Spudetti)

Check Spudetti for a tutorial on Underground Cottage.

3. Wooden Cottage

Wooden Cottage (Spudetti)

Check out Spudetti on youtube for a tutorial on Wooden Cottage.

4. Swamp Cottage

Swamp Cottage (Spudetti)

Check out Spudetti on YouTube for a tutorial of this build.

5. Desert Cottage

Desert Cottage (Spudetti)

Check out Spudetti on Youtube for a tutorial on Desert Cottage.

6. Riverside In-mountain Cottage

Riverside-Cottage (Spudetti)

Check out Spudetti on YouTube for the tutorial for Riverside In-Mountain Cottage.]

7. Swamp Land Cottage

Swamp-land cottage (Spudetti)

Check out Spudetti on YouTube for a tutorial on Swamp-Land Cottage.

Spudetti has created many Minecraft build designs, which are very aesthetic in looks and with easy-to-follow tutorials. You can check out her channel and have an osm Minecraft build tutorial.

Cozy Cottage ~ By Jolee

Cozy Cottage (Source: Jolee)

These kinds of cottages in the Mountains look very magnificent. Jolee has created a design of a house, which looks like a farmhouse in some popular Hollywood movies. These houses can be made with many combinations of many building blocks, such as quartz and stone bricks. You can check out Jolee’s youtube channel for the tutorial.

Greenhouse Cottage ~ By Dio Rods

Greenhouse cottage (source: Dio Rods)

Nature lovers will like the idea of making a cottage with a greenhouse attached. Having a farm or a lot of plants and trees in the greenhouse. The idea will help a lot of trees around you to grow, and we thank a lot to Dio Rods for creating these excellent build designs.

Cottage in Plains ~ By Foxtel

Cottage in Plains (source: Foxel)

Using leaves, quartz, dark shade wood planks, with some flowers and leaves decoration, to build a decent cool cottage to spend a luxurious life in Minecraft. You can watch this build’s tutorial on Foxel Youtube channel.

By PlatinumThief

1. Two-Storey Cottage

Plains Two Storey Cottage (Source: PlatinumThief)

Check out PlatinumThief Youtube channel for the Two Storey Cottage build’s tutorial.

2. Modern Cottage

Tree side cottage (Source: PlatinumThief)

Check out PlatinumThief Youtube Channel for Modern Cottage’s Tutorial.

3. Modern Cottage 2

Quartz Cottage (source: PlatinumThief)

Check out PlatinumThief Youtube Channel for Quartz cottage’s build tutorial.

Platinum Thief had shared many build designs with his audience. And we have sorted some easy and cool build designs of Cottages. You can check out his channel for the tutorials on such builds. So do check out his channel.

Simple Aesthetic Cottage ~ By SheraNom

Simple Aesthetic cottage (source: SheraNom)

At the last selection, we want you to see a very simple and so easy cottage style. This simplest design is the most aesthetic design among all these build ideas. This design is made by SheraNom. You can check out the build tutorial on his channel. Do check it out.

That’s all for today guys. Hope you guys enjoyed the build designs that we have sorted from a lot of designs. You can check every build’s tutorial by clicking on the name of the channel given below every design. So, enjoy your build journey and do share your feedback.

Thank you

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