Top 10 Minecraft Garden Building Tips You Need To Know

We all know about the success story of Minecraft and how such a small game took over the world. Alongside a plethora of reasons, one of the main reasons Minecraft blew up was the amount of customization and building opportunities the game provides to the player.

The game tries its best to not restrict its players in terms of what they can create in the game and the impressive creations of the player’s worlds that blow up on the internet from time to time speak for the success of the game in doing so.

We know that you might want to or even have already tried to create your ultimate base in your Minecraft world and the one thing that is mandatory in any great base is a garden. So today we will share 10 of the best garden building suggestions that you need to know while playing Minecraft in 2022.

Use Grow Lichen

We have seen many Minecraft gardens where the aesthetics are completely destroyed by solid blocks like cobblestones cluttering the ground and ruining the earthy feel a garden is supposed to have. We know how hard it can be to remove all such blocks, instead of spending time on removing these blocks just place some grow lichen on these blocks to give the garden a raw look.


Alternate Shade of Grass

Source- Minecraft building inc

In some places try to place grass in such a manner so that alternate rows of grass are created, make sure to use different shades of grass when making rows, one lighter and one darker to give a great look to certain parts of your garden.

Grow Trees

Instead of letting the trees randomly pop up, you should try to grow trees in a strategic manner and according to the look you are going for. One of the best places you can grow trees is around the boundary of your garden to give the garden a more covered and protected feel.

Source- Gmepur

Make Small Ponds

To break the monotony of green in your garden you can create small ponds all over the place to add a little bit more life and color to the garden. You can easily create a raw-looking pond by just freeing up some space for the pond by removing the blocks from the ground and pouring water through a bucket.

Source – Christine Youtube

Use Glow Berries

Glow berries are one of my favorite accessories for a Minecraft garden as they provide a source of light and can be used to light up any dark corner of your garden and they go very well with the garden vibe. We highly recommend that you try to use Glow Berries in your garden.

Use Shears

We cannot stress enough how important it is to use shear while creating a garden. Shears can be used to stop the growth of various plants in your garden. If you do not use shears to control the growth of these plants your garden will start to look shabby and messy in no time so be sure to maintain your garden using shears.

Place Lilly Pads

If you followed our tip of creating several small ponds in your garden then we highly recommend that you place lily pads in those ponds as these pads give a very maintained look to your ponds so that they don’t feel out of place and bland. We believe these Lily Pads give a great look to your garden.



We know how obvious this sounds but you need to place flowers in your garden, lots of them. Make sure each part of the garden has a variety of flowers and place as many as you can. Try to put the flowers in a way so that the colors of the different flowers match well together and are not too over the top.

Place Wooden Furniture

Creating various wooden furniture in the garden is always a good idea. You can place chairs, tables, flower holders, etc. to give a cool vibe to your garden. We suggest you try to create a sitting area near ponds using wooden furniture.

Redstone Wall

You can also create a Redstone wall for a section of the garden to spice up the things and add a cool-looking wall with red patches in between. You can cover the wall with vines to give a more natural feel to the wall if you otherwise find it out of place.

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