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Top 6 Things Every Worldbox Player Should Know (Guide)

Worldbox is a new Sandbox game which lets you play God and create your own miniature civilization. The game can be a bit overwhelming at first but is a ton of fun once you get the hang of it. Here are 6 things you should know while playing Worldbox Simulator.

Worldbox Simulator has an extensive list of tools to offer to help you create your ideal world and fill it with various creatures and humans. You have all the control from lightning, to a nuclear catastrophe, to antimatter, to aliens; create control or havoc alike. Create your own miniature civilisation, then blow it all up with a nuke. That’s WorldBox Simulator in a nutshell for you.


Resource Management

After placing a creature, say, a human, elf, dwarf or orc in a world, they will straight away try to branch away and form civilisations and try to gather resources to build a house that will eventually become a village which in turn will become a city which means chopping down trees for wood, growing crops and food, and gathering rocks and minerals to upgrade houses. Some ores, such as silver or Mythril, will be rewarded by specific races like elves and dwarves for their weapons and tools.

Civilisations need Lumber!

It becomes crucial to have lots of trees as a source of wood for buildings and many cities will flourish with enough forests around them. Certain creatures, like humans, may want more open terrain and space. Others, say, dwarves, will want hills and mountains closer to home. However, for most of it, finding settlements near forests becomes essential. No matter the culture, all empires will need wood to build their houses, food to live, and stone, ore, and gold for tools and upgrades in the vast world they live in and because of this, even the cultures who prefer stony mountains won’t evolve very far without a forest nearby.

Check the size of tools before using

The variety and scale of the tools in Worldbox – God Simulator are incredibly extensive, allowing small mounds of dirt as well as the creations of vast continents in a single brushstroke. While this is very convenient and easy to adjust as per the player, it also means using the wrong tool size can wipe out entire landmarks and terrains in an instant. Make sure you always move the cursor and check the size preview. This can go a long way in preventing disaster.

Bend the Law

Players can adjust the laws of the world at any time to decide what is and isn’t supposed to be if at any time they feel that their world has a bit much agency, or is literally Gotham City which can range from anything, to whether grass grows on its own to how disasters and wars are acted out (or whether they should at all). If players change their minds later, that’s no worry. The world laws can be mended an infinite amount of times as per what that player desires at the moment.

Time is your ally

The player has full control over the passage of time, and its speed whether it’s slow, fast, or paused entirely. For players who might feel swept away by how rapidly things can evolve in their virtual world, pausing time is a great way to regain authority while speeding it up can help more impatient players.

Survival of the fittest

This is completely inevitable even after the best preparation. Eventually, the realms will be given the ability to travel to new areas which will lead to conflict with the existing afterlife. When a player wants to nurture a diverse range of cultures in the world or has a particular favourite, they need the player’s help to stay protected and have the resources to go the distance in a chaotic, often unpredictable world. One of the most effective ways to do this is to carefully choose where to place kingdoms so that they have the necessary resources and space to safely use them.

Worldbox simulator has endless possibilities, your imagination is your best tool. Create your ideal world and watch them grow! For related posts, check out our other articles.

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