Total War: Warhammer 3 – How to Play Vilitch the Curseling

Total War: Warhammer 3 is a turn-based strategy game Developed by Creative Assembly and Published by Sega. It is the third and final instalment in the Total War Series. A campaign expansion called the Immortal Empires was added on 23rd August 2022.

In this cataclysmic conclusion, the gamers who own all three titles can use every faction available on the huge combined map which involves the whole of the Warhammer Fantasy World. The older factions have gotten a remake for the third title.

In the latest DLC, Champions of Chaos, Vilitch the Curseling, a part of the Warriors of Chaos, is one of the four Champions of Chaos, can teleport past blockades, surprise his enemies with his magic, and weaken old unions. Here is how to play Vilitch the Curseling. For more such game guides, make sure to visit our Guides Tab.

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Use Changing of the Ways

Vilitch the Curseling has a few qualities and attributes from “The Oracles of Tzeentch”. One such feature is called Changing of the Ways. It enables Vilitch to use souls in order to do magics which are very useful on the map of the campaign.

If Changing of the Ways just wasn’t enough, Vilitch has another Tzeentchian ploy up for grabs. Vilitch can teleport his whole army to a nearby location on the campaign map by expending a part of their Winds of Magic reserve. This may be utilized to avoid confrontation, cross inaccessible hills, or even hop over narrow oceans, keeping Vilitch abreast of his foes.

Soul Harvestation and Dark Fortresses

The best approach for Vilitch, considering his spawn is at the top-right part of the Immortal Empires map, away from most locations, is to go west and take the Dark Fortresses near the Great Bastion.

Taking such small places gives Vilitch a powerful empire that will enforce his army and economy. After doing the Chaos Wastes, Vilitch should defeat the Great Bastion of Grand Cathay.

Vilitch gains Souls by defeating Norscans or Cathayans, which he can offer to Chaos Gods. He can even harvest Souls from his own army. He can use these Souls for Gifts of Chaos, or for upgrading Lords and Heroes.

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Army Building By Vilitch

Vilitch has several choices for recruiting and strengthening his men. The initial step is Warband recruiting, which may be done anywhere on the map but is only for the currently available units in that area.

Each province has a modest number of teams from which to recruit, dependent on various characteristics such as climate and Chaos corruption. Each round, these troops have an opportunity to renew. Vilitch’s Warband troops can be upgraded after they reach a particular level, assuming he has studied the necessary technologies.

Vilitch in the Combat Zone

Vilitch the Curseling employs a mix of mortal and daemon forces on the battlefield. Vilitch concentrates on a combination of power and magic, as opposed to Azazel’s quick troops or Festus the Leechlord’s sluggish legions.

The daemons of Tzeentch augment the Puppets of Misrule roster with formidable ranged choices, with Pink or Blue Horrors able to shoot bolts of magic from behind the shelter of highly armoured Chaos Warriors.

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