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Tower of Fantasy: All Astra Scenic Point Locations Easily 2022

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The new player in the open-world MMORPG is finally here. After teasing for some time and with numerous beta tests, Tower of Fantasy is up for grabs. The game launched on 10 August 2022 and is available to be played on Windows, iOS and Android devices.

This article will tell you about all the scenic point locations in Astra. Scenic point locations are areas with beautiful scenery on the map. So let’s get into it straight away, here are the locations of the scenic points in Astra:

Mega Arena

Coordinates (-392.8, 723.5). You have to go to the training facility located on the football field. Once you reach the facility search for a cliff that overlooks the field on the left side of the map. Now interact with the eye icon to capture the scenic point.

TOF AstraScenic2

Astra Shelter

Coordinates(-097.5, 789.8). This scenic point is located at the Astra shelter. You have to start from the Shelter Space Rift and at the bottom left side, there should be a blue spherical building. Now use your jetpack to go on top of that building and then you have to jump and launch yourself from the top of the sphere right up the cliff, you shall see another spherical blue building. From the entrance of the building, you shall see an eye icon. Interact with it to capture the scenic point.

TOF ScenicAstra

Northern Ring Ranges

Coordinates (-873.7, 791.5). You have to go to the Shelter Space Rift, now you have to go to the right side of the location. After exiting the mine gate, just proceed slowly along the mountain wall on your left you should spot a red manhole. Right there you have to climb to the top of that cliff. After climbing proceed towards climbing the second hill where you would spot a black mushroom. At the peak of that cliff, you shall find another black mushroom, on the right side of the mushrooms, there should be the eye icon.

TOF AstraScenic3

Tomb of Thorns

Coordinates (-617.6, 1094.6). This scenic point is located beneath the space rift. You have to jump down in the left direction from the space rift southern ring ranges and go towards the roots near the cliff. There you will find the eye icon.

TOF AstraScenic

Ring of Echoes

Coordinates (-664.2, 900.7). You have to go to the Crimson Pillars – Training Facility Agility. The interact eye button is located on the top of a stone pillar that should be visible from the facility.

TOF AstraScenic1 1

That’s all the scenic points in Astra. For more news, guides, tips and tricks related to games and tech follow FutureGaming.

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