Tower of Fantasy: How to Get All Astra Gold Nucleus Location

Being an open-world game, Tower of Fantasy is packed with hidden items as well as nuclei all around the map. The gold nucleus is used to make in-game purchases as black nuclei. Lately, the game is getting heated due to this, as people are gambling with the gold nucleus and improving their character resources.

Exploration is the best way to cultivate Gold Nucleus in the Tower of Fantasy. Gold Nucleus capsules can be found all around Astra’s globe. Some are out in the open, while others require you to complete a fast puzzle.

However, if you know exactly where to look before going out in the open looking for Gold Nucleus, you’ll be able to find the capsules simply. This is what our guide will assist you with.

Astra Gold Nucleus Location

Well, as per our pro gamers, there are a total of 22 gold nuclei in Astra and we noobies were only able to find some of them. The locations where we found gold nuclei were

  1. Northern Ring- In the northern ring there are multiple rocks ranges just find a black rock and hit it you’ll receive one Gold Nucleus
  2. Same in Northern Ring you’ll find a large red tower, get inside it and you’ll find two nucleus there
  3. The Astra Osmium Tower and the fourth Gold Nucleus are near each other. When you get to the tower, move toward the nearby river where you’ll find a floating Gold Nucleus.
  4. Your next item is the mountains southwest of the Northern Ring Ranges. A little camp of adversaries, just like the one before. Remove them and make a claim
  5. There are a few gold nuclei close to the Astra Shelter. One is this enormous purple and blue blossom that you can see to the west. You can pick up a little blue planet that is nearby. Throw that object inside the flower, and you’ll get a nucleus in return.
  6. A big windmill in Astra shelter. Your next objective is that, so you’d better get climbing!
  7. South of Barrenstown is where the  Gold Nucleus is.  You’ll discover a small enemy base if you arrive at these coordinates. Kill every adversary there, then seize the Gold Nucleus.
  8. Near Astra, there is again a tower better climb it up and you’ll find a supply pod, just open it and you’ll have it
  9. In Astra, the Gold Nucleus is near the river. This Gold Nucleus can be found floating over the river just before the Astra Shelter’s entrance.
  10. The fifth Gold Nucleus is found towards the southern end of the Astra region, in the Crimson Pillars area. If you jump on them in ascending order, you’ll get one nucleus.


Well, It’s a long run to find gold nuclei also it isn’t easy to find one we hope you liked our post on Tower of Fantasy – All Astra Gold Nucleus Location, Follow us for more content like this

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