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Tower Of Fantasy: How To Get & Use Red Nucleus Easily (2022)

Tower of Fantasy is the new big name in the genre of open-world MMORPG games. It has started quite the buzz with some people comparing it to Genshin Impact. The game offers similar gameplay to genshin and is also a top-tier game in terms of graphics and combat mechanics.

Well, this article here will tell you all you need to know about the “Red Nucleus“, how you can acquire it, what is its purpose in the game and how you can spend it.

What is a “Red Nucleus” and how to acquire it?

A Red Nucleus as you may have guessed is a type of currency in the game Tower of Fantasy. There are a total of 3 types of currencies in the game which you can spend to acquire characters in the game. The game has a gacha system which allows players to spend these currencies to get characters or items they want to make them stronger in the game.

The 3 types of currency in the game are Black Nucleus, Gold Nucleus and Red Nucleus. The rarity of these currencies is in the order they are mentioned, Black nucleus can be acquired easily in the game. The gold nucleus is a bit rarer than the black one but it can also be acquired through playing the game.

TOF RedNucleus 1
Image Credit: Hotta Studios

The Red nucleus, however, is the rarest of the three and cannot be acquired by playing the game or in other words by grinding the game and have only a few ways to be acquired as of now. One way is by exchanging the Dark Crystals for Red Nucleus. Dark Crystals are a currency that is in abundance in the game and can be acquired easily by playing the game(exploration, completing quests, etc.)The exchange rate is 150 Dark crystals for 1 Red Nucleus. Dark crystals can also be purchased from the store but I don’t recommend it unless you are saving time.

The other way is by exchanging them for Tanium. Tanium is a currency that can be purchased from the store for real-world money. You can buy Red Nucleus by purchasing the Banges Daily Supply with Tanium. You can also purchase Red Nucleus gift packs with Tanium.

How to use Red Nucleus?

All the nucleus currencies can be spent in the Special Orders tab. After opening the Special Orders tab you gain access to the gacha system of Tower of Fantasy. Here you can spend the nucleus currency to get weapons and characters.

TOF RedNucleus1
Image Credit: Hotta Studios

The Red nucleus can be used for the limited-time banners to acquire weapons and characters that are available for a limited time. Currently, the Rebirth of Clemency banner is live and you can spend your res nucleus to acquire the limited-time SSR unit Nemesis. You can use one order by spending one red nucleus or save up to 10 Red Nucleus to do a 10 order or 10 pull to gain a guaranteed SR/SSR drop. If you don’t get lucky with an SSR unit early don’t worry using a total of 80 Red Nuclei will also give you a guaranteed SSR unit.

That’s all you need to know about Red Nucleus. For more news, guides, tips and tricks follow FutureGaming.

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