How can Tower of Fantasy Hacks ruin the game?

Tower of Fantasy is an MMORPG game developed by Hotta Studios. It created a buzz when it first launched because of its close resemblance to Genshin Impact. The game had many downloads and was good at the start but now it’s creating a buzz, not for its good features but sadly for bad ones.

It came out with so much promise of being the best MMORPG for all the gamers out there. It has it all, be it stunning graphics, a good storyline, or combat mechanics which some players find good and some just don’t but that’s a subjective matter. The game has huge promise but unfortunately, just after a few weeks of release the game is swarming with hackers and cheaters in many servers.

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Are the Hacks Ruining the game?

There are different types of hacks available for players to exploit to get their way through the game. Be it speed hacks, suppressor hacks or gear hacks. The hackers are ruining the game’s experience for everyone who’s not using them.

We all know every game has gone through this period where the hackers run wild and ruin everything for some time but in response to that the developers of the game respond quickly and harshly by banning those players. The same response hasn’t been seen by the developer team at Hotta Studios. They have yet to give out an official response to these issues.

A game like Tower of Fantasy should not tolerate hacks at all, especially when its revenue structure from the game is so fragile. The game is a gacha game where you have to spend real money to buy in-game currency and then buy items in the game. Those items are required to farm for better materials in the game and make the player stronger for multiplayer activities.

ToF hacks ruin game

With the hacks, anyone can top the leaderboard charts and are doing so with unbelievable numbers. The numbers are not possible to achieve in the game by any means as of now and shortly as well. This demotivates a spending player to stop spending on the game or a free-to-play player who can potentially spend to not spend as well. This harms the game and if things are left like this the game won’t survive for long.

Another upsetting fact is that the game features a PvP system which is also swarming with hackers as they are crushing every other player. This discourages a player to stop playing a game as no one wants to lose unfairly and that too repeatedly. A YouTuber named Kyrios Yuudai has discussed this matter in a little more detail in one of his videos. You can find the video below.

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