Turbo Golf Racing Tips & Tricks for Beginners (Guide)

Rocket-powered cars putting oversized golf balls in an explosive race to the end, that’s Turbo Golf Racing for you in a nutshell. Think Rocket League, but with a “mini-golf” course instead. Here are some tips and tricks to get you golfing.

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Turbo Golf Racing applies the same Formula as Rocket League but with a slight twist, instead of cars playing soccer its a death-race to the Golf Hole. The game is much more of a time trial-esque affair rather than scoring more goals than your opponents in the allotted time period wherein you race opponents to get your ball around the mini golf course and into the hole. Is it potentially going to dethrone the current Messiah of this genre? We’re yet to find out but the game has staggering amount of potential that’s for sure.

Boost boost boost!

Using your boost is a vital part of the game to get an edge over your opponent , since you have limited supply of boosts, you can refill your meter in various ways-

  • Boost pick-ups
  • Boost pads
  • Hitting the ball
  • Your ball rolling into boost points
  • Gliding

Use a combination of these and plot a path to keep your boost meter intact.

Understand when to slow down

While near and aiming towards your goal, don’t be afraid to slow down to line up your shot effectively rather than going full-throttle and sacrificing accuracy. Your ball bounce into various objects or surfaces that affects its trajectory or stop it outright. By slowing down, you have time to aim.

Power Cores

Power Cores are another vital mechanism in Turbo Golf Racing which provide abilities or passive bonuses than can be activated and can be unlocked as you progress. We recommend switching between Power Cores and try the out to understand which work the best for you.


Gliding is an important way to get boost back. It also provides better air control, and you can use it to hit the ball in various techniques . You can even avoid bunkers by jumping, dashing, and gliding over them to prevent being hit by obstacles.


You may not be scoring holes in one or placing first right off the bat, but you improve your skills by using the solo modes before hopping online. Getting good at Turbo Golf Racing will take time and practice, but remember to have fun along the way.

That’s about everything you’d need to know when starting with Turbo Golf Racing, check out our extensive list of guides and codes for other games below

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